Glamour Girls: Alhaji, Polytechnic Runs Girl Vs Snake (Throwback Scene)
Throwback Thursday: The Snake Scene Between Alhaji And A Polytechnic Student Runs Girl

Today's throwback Thursday, TheFamousNaija focuses on another memorable scene from the 1994 Nollywood blockbuster "Glamour Girls".

A Polytechnic student (played by Susan Patrick)
returns from outing with a rich Alhaji and showed off the big money the Alhaji gave to her to her roommates.

They were surprised. She also revealed to them that the man is coming over another day to take her out so they will travel out of town for fun and more money.

One of the jealous and greedy roommates waited for the man to arrive and convinced him that the other lady followed another man, the man then picked her (without knowing she had entered one chance).

On getting to the hotel room, the man brought out bundle of cash and gave to the elated runs girl but the Alhaji told her she MUST make love with the snake. She refused and confessed that the other lady is actually in the hostel. The man said he doesn't care about the other lady again that he wants her.
Alhaji brought out a powdery substance and blew it on her face. She fell down and the snake came out from the suitcase and entered her.

This scene got many talking then. It highlights the dangers faced by runs girls, especially by undergraduates.

Watch the video moment the snake entered her....

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