Fitness Instructor Turns Lady's Backside To 'Punching Bag' During Workout
Is this not disrespectful? How can a man be doing this to a lady's bum bum all in the name of working out?.
This is why some men don't allow their wives or girlfriends to go to the gym.

A video of a fitness instructor handling a lady's backside like a punching bag has got Nigerians talking.

In the video, the man was seen hitting the lady's backside anyhow all in the name of working out.

The man's action has gotten divided reactions.

Domingo_loso: "This is violence against bum bum, i don't support this."

"Mrbest___:" I already told my wife: The next day I will see u go to gym for Any reason, u are going him straight from there. Manage the trademill at home. I just call her papa and told him too. Thank u"

Guys, would you allow your wife or girlfriend to do this kind of workout?

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