Beautiful Lady Dumps Sniper For Fanta. See Why

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Let Me Commit Suicide With Fanta - A Beautiful Nigerian Lady Dumps Sniper For Fanta

Here is a video of a stunning Nigerian lady who recorded herself while she was about to drink a bottle of sniper and all of a sudden, she dropped the sniper and took a bottle of fanta, drank it saying she can't kill herself because of a heartbreak.

The lady said:
"Take my life say wetin happen, who be that mumu guy, he's worth nothing. Abeg I'm depressed let me commit suicide with Fanta....."

The beautiful slay queen is trying to discourage other ladies out there from dying because of a man.

This is coming after the news of people committing suicide because of boyfriends dumping them and vice versa have flooded social media recently.

Watch the video

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