Virgin Patienceyisa Patience Erdoo Yisa And Her Cucumber: Actress Says She's Tired Of Being A Virgin, Fans Spot Cucumber On Her Bed

Patience Erdoo Yisa: Actress Says She's Tired Of Being A Virgin, Fans Spot Cucumber On Her Bed

I'm Tired Of Being A Virgin, Is It Biblically Right To Masturbate? - Nollywood Actress Patience Erdoo Yisa Aka Patienceyisa Cries Out, Flaunts Big Cucumber

Nollywood actress, Patienceyisa, has lamented of being tired of being a virgin as her husband is taking a long time to show up and marry her.

The actress who claims to be a virgin and keeping her virginity for her future husband shared a video of her in bedroom rubbing cream while lamenting about lack of sex.

She asked her fans if she should resort to masturbation even as a virgin since the urge is becoming too much while her would be husband is nowhere to be found to come and propose to her.

She said:

"There is something that has been bothering me that I need some answers"
"What Is The Right Age For A Woman To Loose Her Virginity?"

"I mean, I have been keeping my virginity for my husband and the right man is not coming, I'm tired. I'm so so tired! I don't know what to do. Sometimes I feel like, you know, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, I feel like doing it, what should I do? Is it to begin to masturbate? Is it right biblically to masturbate? I will like to know please, I need help...."

Her fans spotted the big cucumber on her bed and are now asking her about what the cucumber is doing there.

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