Biography, Age Of Dotun Popoola: Meet Nigerian Sculptor Turning Metal Scraps To Pieces Of Art
Who Is Dotun Popoola, Age, Wife Adeola?

One man's junk is another's treasure - meet the 35-year-old Nigerian sculptor turning metal scraps to pieces of art.

Here is Dotun Popoola, a Nigerian man from Ile Ife who is making waves with his artworks from metal scraps.

Al Jazeera English features him.

Dotunpopo wrote:

"I looked at my self in the mirror and tears rolled down from my eyes, not because i received award, but i remember how i started this ART in Agege 1986 as a kid , sketching on our landlords new Mercedes Benz with sharp nails, cutting my dads leather chairs with charp razor blades, all these has put me in troubles, but now i am an artist with special GRACE.
I listen to Mr @oliverenwonwu read my citation for 8minutes and i couldn't believe he was talking about me, could that be me? i think he was reading the story of a man with special GRACE.

I looked at my wife's face @adeolacakes and i saw the joy on her face for saying yes to me seven years ago when i didnt even look like a man that could take her arround the world, i think she is married to a man full of special GRACE.

I remembered how i use to carry my art work inside Yellow bus(molue), from Abule Egba, looking for who will buy on Island, and sometimes i would end up selling it cheaper just to get transport back home, but now only selected few who are well feed🤣🍔 can afford it, i think you are buying a work of a man with special GRACE.
Key into the GRACE of God and your story will change shortly. Abeg let me go and Weld jare..... where is my apron🤣, this TUX is giving me heat."

Watch his Al Jazeera video

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