Young Nigerian Lady Shows Off Her Man
A young Nigerian girl has been tagged 'shameless' after praising her guy.

She said: "Oh my God, that was nice, that was very nice....."

When she focused the phone on her boyfriend, the guy who didn't want to be shown, maybe so that his other girlfriend's won't see him, tried to cover his face.

This has got many Nigerian online users so angry, especially at the girl. Some are now blaming social media, and are calling for the end of the world. As they say, the internet never forgets as this may affect the girl in future if she wants to marry.

See some reactions below....

Jane_ada: "What is this Social Media turning into??😳😳😳anyway am not surprised anything Nigerians get to learn how to use they over use there own e.g INSTAGRAM πŸ™„πŸ™„"

Eddybgs: "Well...Baba God abeg if angel no ready blow trumpet abeg give me make I blow am make everywhere spoil cause , e go spoil pass this last last."

Questeecakes_confections: "All these are part of the wonders that will happen before the end. More are coming sef...HMMMM"

Am_valid27:" Internet will be the end of this generation"

Candybella270:" If d guy no marry her tomorrow and i think she will still end up on boyfriend things because i don't see a reasonable man dat will decide to get married to her tomorrow this one thing girls should not know , Makin a video of u and ur guy while on bed after knacking not even ur guy is shameful and tomorrow u start blaming ur village people for not getting married πŸ˜’"

See how Nigerians reacted....

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