RCCG Pastors Aborted Their Grandchild, Daughter's Baby In Ibadan - Muslim Son-In-Law

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RCCG pastors accused by son-in-law of aborting his child.

A young couple Recall their Ordeal in the hands of RCCG Pastors of the wife.

A young man, Yoruba Muslim, has narrated to Daddy Freeze on how he met his wife when he came back from USA, toasted the RCCG pastor's daughter, the lady agreed, he got her pregnant and the scan showed boy.

He told the girlfriend who was 23, going to 24 as at the time they met 4 years ago to go and tell her pastors parents. She went and they seized her phones and took her to hospital under the guise of checkup but connived with the doctor and got her baby aborted!

They later got married at a registry (without the pastor parents' approval)

The young man reveals that the parents of his wife have been harassing him and arresting him. He wants them to stop harassing him. While the wife wants to have good relationship with her Muslim husband and also have good relationship with her pastor parents.



How dare you say you are legally married without the consent of your wife parents.you people are making a public show of your parents, especially the lady, this are some pastors children that brought shame to their parents,though the parents are wrong to have aborted the child they would have allowed the shameless girl go the way she chooses without dragging their names further in the mud. Freeze or what ever he called himself now has mouth to talk.
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