'How To Lock Up Your Husband In A Bottle' - Woman Blasted Over 'Do As I Say' Juju Advert
People often tell stories of how some diabolic women get juju to lock up their husbands and charm them so as to be able to control their husbands.

People often see such stories as fairy tales.

But it could be real?

A Nigerian Instagram comedian, Dancer and actor, WEIRD GANG, shared this video of a lady advertising how women can control their husbands and tie them up to so as to remote control them.

Weird Gang who shared the video advised men to be careful so as not to be charmed, tied and locked up inside a bottle and become their wives or girlfriends 'mumu'.

The lady while doing the 'tie my husband' advert advised women who don't want to leave their cheating husbands, women in abusive marriages that don't want to leave, to get the new product and tie, lock up their husbands to do their bidding....

The lady said she opened the new business on Facebook and admonished women whose husbands bring disgrace to them to buy the 'lock up husband' bottle.

Watch the video below.....

MEN OVER TO U... See what SOME of our NIGERIAN women has become? U think it IS a joke? Do u Feel the audacity? IMAGINE this one COUNSELLING UR MUMU WIFE... GUY?... From her accent & delivery, its easy to conclude that shes not well lettered but Now re-educating the lettered. CERTIFICATION IS GRADUALLY GOING EXTINCT. How did we get here? What has Facebook turned my people into? Is it possible to hv Facebook POLICE? OUR CYBERSPACE AS A NATION, IS grossly POLLUTED & ABUSSED. WHO SHALL SAVE US FROM CYBER CRIMINALS O.!!! we are all not twisted like our CYBERSPACE depicts!!! YES! NIGERIA IS A GREAT careless NATION!!! BLESSED WITH BEST BRAINS, HUMAN & NATURAL resources. Any country u dont find a NIGERIAN, must be DEAD... GUESS THE JOBLESS is normally at WORK here, YES!!! MY PEOPLE HOW DO WE ARREST ALL THIS DIRTY HUSSLES wey dey fall hand??? Are we all like THESE??? May God help waka waka and innocent men... Amen๐Ÿ™ JESUS IS COMING, SOON
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