Zain Ameen: 'My Nude Sharing Experience With A Married Man' - Beautiful Muslim Lady Recalls

Zain Ameen, a beautiful Hausa Muslim lady has recalled the nude pictures sharing experience she had with a married man who asked for her nude photos.

Read Zainab Al-Amin Zain Ameen
@zinadabo1 nude sharing story....

"Lemme share my little story about nudes now that I see how Men are using it to blackmail women." 

"A married man slide into my DM & started praising me for my doggedness & encouraged me to continue the good work and never allow some shallow minded critics socialize me to silence.

I was very happy, I thanked him and from then we chat from time to time sometimes 

This happened three years back, anytime I'm less busy and feel like talking to someone I slide into his DM and start chatting him."

" We got a point he told me everything about his family, life etc and I did same. Infact we de advice each other self on matters of the heart.

One day he asked me for my pictures so I sent him about 5 of them, he kept praising my beauty and was like he's dying to see me."

" Man was in Maiduguri, Borno state so I told him if he was within my enclave we would have meet in any eatery around but I can't visit him

He kept trying his best to persuade me but the answer was a No No so he said he was going to come to Abuja and see me but I told him I wasn't stable and he might come and meet my absence.

He stopped talking to me for a while then later he started talking to me again
Zain Ameen"

"On this fateful day he started telling me how curious he was to see 'divinely created Zainab' in his word and the next thing he said was can he please have my nudes?

Man was begging me seriously like his life depended on it" 

"I now told him to first send me his, I will surely send mine to him afterwards.

He asked me to say 'Allah' I said 'Allah' like five minutes afterwards BOOM!!! The man sent me pictures his headquarter, from the background he went to the gent to snap it." 

" After seeing the Man's weapon of Mass destruction I laughed like no man business without responding so he started telling me he's waiting for mine.

I told him I was just kidding him, I thought he was joking too, I never knew he was really serious about seeing my headquarter.

The sad part was he immediately blocked me after reading my chat.

Until date I still laugh if I remember the man & I still wonder why he blocked me.

Can anyone help me out with his reason please?"

" This nude thing in Arewa isn't something only single men ask for, even married men do ask of it. They just need to feel some level of comfort discussing with you for their brain to stop working while the d... Take over the thinking.

That's why lately when a Man slide into my DM & start acting nice as much as possible I don't pay attention to the point I almost missed an opportunity but thank God I didn't.

A lot of Arewa men you meet re toxic, they call God on their lips but there's no God in their hearts

That explains why when you don't agree with them they go wild & call you names, they are predators & they see you as a prey.

Most of the time it's their headquarter that does the thinking not their brain!


"My name is Zainab Al-Amin, I can't survive 24 hours outside my home without a hijab. Covering my hair is like the water I drink. I wasn't forced to cover my hair, I cover it because it gives me confidence. #MyHijabMyChoice #ProudMuslimah"

Beautiful Zainab is active in politics, critic of Governor El-Rufai and supporter of Senator Shehu Sani.

What do you think about this her story? 

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