Who Is Eudoxie Yao? Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Surgery Before & After, Net Worth, Family, Height, Wedding

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Meet Eudoxie Yao: Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, Husband? Wedding, Artiste, Singer Eudoxie Yao Before And After Surgery, Eudoxie Yao Net Worth, Married? Height, Profile, images, Photos

About Eudoxie Yao
Who Is Eudoxie Yao?
Eudoxie Yao is an Ivorian born entertainer, artiste, actress, plus-sized model and Instagram brand influencer.

Full Name: Eudoxie Yao

Nationality, Country: Where is Eudoxie Yao from? Eudoxie Yao is from Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) French Speaking West African country.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Eudoxie Yao was born on 14 June.

Age: How old is Eudoxie Yao? Eudoxie Yao is secretive about her real age.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Sisters, Mother, Father: Eudoxie Yao is from a family of endowed ladies. She says her sisters are all endowed.

Meet Eudoxie Yao mother. Sharing photos with her mum, Eudoxie Yao said her mother is 80 years plus but still looks quite younger.

Eudoxie Yao Before And After Surgery: Eudoxie Yao  claims she has never done cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks but many think otherwise.

Fiancé, Boyfriend: Eudoxie Yao is dating her boyfriend, Grand P,  a short artist from Guinea who is suffering from Progeria.

Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disease characterized by premature aging that begins at birth. It limits the size of the patient to 1 meter 10 at most, as well as his weight to 25 kilos.

Marriage: Is Eudoxie Yao married? Eudoxie Yao. is not yet married but she is engaged to be married to Grand P whose real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba.

Engagement And Marriage Proposal: Eudoxie Yao was proposed to by Moussa Sandiana Kaba aka Grand P and Eudoxie Yao, the curvy Ivory Coast singer, model and actress accepted to marry him.

Husband: Eudoxie Yao has been flaunting her husband to be, Moussa Sandiana Kaba Aka Grand P on her instagram page.

"Thank you, everyone, for your support.
"The physical does not count in a relationship.” she wrote on her instagram page.

Eudoxie Yao wants to be the First Lady of Guinea as her husband to be has, Grand P has declared interest to contest for President in Guinea.

While supporting her fiancé political career, Eudoxie Yao wrote:

"My husband grand P the future president of the Republic of Guinea 0 l I total support Me my candidacy for the presidential election of Ivory Coast I I has been refused but I don't despair date in 2025 for my application I IJ. Even if I'm not president of Ivory Coast I I I can be Guinea's first lady I I I believe in it."

Age Of Eudoxie Yao Husband, Grand P Revealed! The age of Grand P, Eudoxie Yao’s boyfriend and fiancé was revealed by his manager in the Peopl’Emik program on the Ivorian television channel La 3.

According to his manager, Grand P is 30 years old. This is the age that Eudoxie Yao’s “husband” writes on his official documents anyway. The manager of the Guinean star is careful to clarify that he is not sure.

Wedding: Eudoxie Yao and Grand P are planning a big society wedding ceremony. For sure, Grand P and Eudoxie Yao wedding pictures would go viral if it eventually takes place.

Eudoxie Yao And Grand P Love Relationship: A Hoax, A Publicity Stunt? Some think that Grand P and Eudoxie Yao's affair is not real. While others believe it's real and are mocking them.

Cars: Eudoxie Yao has her car number plate customized with her name 'Eudoxie Yao'.

Height, Weight, Measurement: Eudoxie Yao has a bottom that measures 60-inches. Eudoxie Yao weighs 209lbs (14st 9lbs)

Net Worth: Eudoxie Yao makes money as a top artiste, plus sized model, instagram brand influencer and as an actress but Eudoxie Yao's net Worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Eudoxie Yao Instagram Page Account Profile Handle eudoxieyao__ 

Watch her storm the stage in style and see how excited fans are

Meet Eudoxie Yao: Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Wikipedia, Family, Boyfriend, Husband?

Eudoxie Yao from Abidjan, the Ivory Coast, happily flaunts her extreme figure.
The African woman claims she has 'never had cosmetic surgery'.

Says that Kim Kardashian is her idol and that her big bottom is genetic.
She has no idea what size she is and likes to customise her clothes to fit.

Eudoxie Yao is also a model, makeup artist, singer actress and an entrepreneur.

Eudoxie Yao has a bottom measuring an astonishing 60 inches claims that her curvy body is all down to good genes and not plastic surgery.

Being too secretive about personal life, Eudoxie Yao has never revealed about her age, parents, early life, educational qualifications, and height. She celebrates her birthday on 14th of June.

The model, who doesn't want to disclose her age, weighs 209lbs (14st 9lbs) and has got no desire to go on a diet and slim down her magnificent measurements.

'Someone who I'm a fan of is Kim Kardashian. I like her dress sense,' she explained. 'I've been compared to her, and what she does. She's definitely my role model.

'I've never had cosmetic surgery. Never, never, never in my life. I've always been like this. My elders have bigger bums than me. It's always been natural. Eudoxie Yao told Daily Mail.

She told Daily Mail: 'When I leave my house, people are often surprised and shocked at seeing me.

'I stop traffic. People are shocked. But they never say anything to my face.

Eudoxie Yao Dating Affair, Boyfriend, Married?

Eudoxie Yao is an unmarried woman; yet to experience married life and parenthood.

‘Handling such a curvaceous extreme figure and the attention they receive’ could be a real deal for Eudoxie Yao’s boyfriend. So, who is Eudoxie Yao’s boyfriend?


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