'Shame On Pastor Tunde Bakare' - Chris Okafor Blasts Fellow Pastor Over Buhari

Pastor Chris Okafor has verbally bombed Pastor Tunde Bakare. Okafor seriously blasted Bakare while preaching in church.
Okafor slammed Bakare for not speaking out against President Buhari.

Pastor Chris Okafor said:

"When Jonathan was the President, a pastor like Tunde Bakare will lead millions of Nigerians 'Save Nigerian Soul', I'm surprised when Nigerian soul needs to be saved now, Tunde Bakare has not stood up to say 'Save Nigerian soul.'

" Why? Because of whatever they are benefiting from the government, they cannot be able to speak."

"Shame unto Pastor Tunde Bakare!
Yes, shame unto him!"

"Why? This is Christian fighting against Christian

What is the offense of Jonathan that this government has not done?"

"Pastor Tunde Bakare and other radicals will close Ojota and say 'Save Nigeria'
Nigeria needs to be saved now!!!!"

The congratulation echoed 'yes Sir!'

Watch the controversial video below ...

See reactions. ..

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