Shade Ebonylips Iyalaje Biography, Age, Husband, Wikipedia, Birthday,: Meet The 'Ugly' Vlogger, Sex Therapist (Pictures, Video)

I Am Ugly, Don't Bully Me Because I Don't Tolerate Nonsense - UK-Based Nigerian Sex Therapist, Vlogger, Shade Ebonylips 

UK based Nigerian lady, Shade Ebonylips is at it again. She has once again talked about how ugly she is without any apology.

The lady who went viral sometime ago after she said she knows how ugly she is but that her private part is better than the beautiful slay Queens and Mamas.

This time, Shade shared a new video online saying she knows she is ugly and is rocking her ugliness, but this time around, she Warns online bullies, telling them she doesn't tolerate nonsense.

Sharing the video she wrote:

"I’m very ugly and I don’t mind,
But you dare insult me 🤣🤣🤣 I will insult you, me I don’t look 👀 face ooo I will give you your SIZE because I don’t take no SHIT from anybody, DONT HATE BECAUSE YOU ARE MORE UGLIER THAN ME, LEARN TO LOVE YOUR SELF AND STOP 🛑 HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS SHIT AND YOU ONLY PRETEND TO BE WHO YOU’RE NOT, YOU CAN KISS MY ASS IF YOU DONT LIKE MY LOOK 👀 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"

Watch the video

Her fans say she is beautiful....

Meet Shade Ebonylips Iyalaje, Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Husband, Vlogger
Who Is Shade Iyalaje Stratford Aka Shade Ebonylips?

Shade Ebonylips Iyalaje is a Nigerian lady Vlogger and sex therapist based in London.

Shade Ebonylips Iyalaje Stratford gives out sexual health and tips, relationship goals

Shade Iyalaje Ebonylips is married to a (Oyinbo) white man, Mr Stratford.

She came into the public first, when she was involved in a street fight on the streets of London with other Nigerians. She bragged about it online and the video went viral.

Shade was Ebonylips Iyalaje was described as 'drug-induced ex-convict Iyalaje aka Shade Ebonylips Davies' by a blogger, Yorubavoiceofreason, who reported the incident.

Again, she went on to become even more popular after she made a video announcing to the world that she's ugly and knows it. 

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