Davies Iyiegbu Secures Victory In Court Against Globacom - Copyright Case

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Thefamousnaija.com Exclusive: Davies Iyiegbu secures victory in court against Globacom - Copyright Case

Remember when we broke the news about the alleged copyright infringement Here

Software Developer and founder of Study In Europe Mobile App Davies Iyiegbu has won his legal battle over the copyright infringement by Globacom Limited on his intellectual property for “ third party advertising on mobile recharge cards”

A Nigerian federal high court ruled that Globacom Nigeria Limited infringed on the copyright of Mr.Davies by producing mobile phone recharge cards with third party advertisements.

The decision, made by the federal high court awarded damages in millions to be paid to the plaintiff, the original law suits was NGN 500,000,000 Million.

The Chamber of Paul C Ananamba ( SAN) , which sued Globacom in 2013 on behalf of Davies Iyiegbu, were determined to bring GLO to justice and set an exemplary deterrent to companies who thrive on Intellectual property theft.

That precedent is now established: the rights to create, design and run mobile recharge card advertising in Nigeria is officially awarded to Davies Iyiegbu.

“While we should make laws in the national assembly to protect valuable intellectual property such as that of Davies that can put Nigeria on a map, create jobs and boost economies, there is no indication that creators in Nigeria can reap from their inventions,”.

“The Copyright Act does not authorize any company to steal ideas of holders,” the court sitting in Lagos undoubtedly affirmed.

In addition to the ruling in favor of Davies, the court slammed GLO for its actions and established that GLO received all the detailed fact sheet of the said business idea which was backed by videos, calls, email and copyright documents.

Davies Iyiegbu should be considered the author and copyright owner, and he shouldn’t be treated any differently from any other creator because his idea is valued in billions”

The judgement also established an injunction and a deterrent to other telecommunications network running or intending to run third party advertising on mobile recharge card without the consent of Davies Iyiegbu to desist with immediate effect.

This a landmark victory, one that every youth and well meaning Nigerian should be proud of and celebrate

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