Tolu Ogunlesi Reacts To Amaechi Leaked Audio Tape "Nigerian Crying Under Buhari"

Presidential aide, Tolu Ogunlesi has reacted to the trending leaked audio of Amaechi saying 'Nigerians are crying in just 3 years of Buhari’s administration' as shared by Premium Times.

Ogunlesi claims the audio released by Premium Times was doctored and thus misrepresented what Amaechi was saying.

Tolu Ogunlesi then shared 2 audios:

1st the one Leaked by Premium Times

2nd his own 'original' version which he claims represents what Amaechi 'really meant'.

Tolu Ogunlesi wrote:

"You haven’t heard the last of the Amaechi ‘tapes’. We are dealing with Principalities & Powers, who‘ll go to any lengths to fight dirty.

1. One of the fraudulently edited clips:

2. The original clip below. See how they edited out the ‘Corruption’ context"

He went further to write:

"Let me summarize it for you. You can confirm what I’m saying in the audio clips above: the published one (taken from the
 website / YouTube), and the original clip.

You be the judge, and check out the subtle, fraudulent, but professionally done edits yourself."

"All over the clips are SUBTLE alterations like this, intended to change context. Cut out a few clarifying words here; join two unrelated bits very cleanly & professionally to alter the meaning/context

It’s actually very depressing - that anyone would go to these devious lengths."

"I keep telling you guys - This
@renoomokri you people are playing with is a criminal genius. Dude is immortalized in the
@FT for this same kind of fraudulent, malicious behavior. The target at the time was suspended CBN Gov Lamido Sanusi (March 2014)"

Ogunlesi went on...

"I’m actually convinced that some of the insertions made into the Amaechi Tapes consist of phrases taken from completely different Amaechi contexts / settings (diff place diff time). I don’t have the time or resources to be analyzing these clips extensively, but I’m convinced."

Listen to Tolu Ogunlesi's 'REAL' version of what Amaechi really said and compare it with the Premium Times version up there and make your conclusions.

See reactions....


Unknown said…
The world is watching
Unknown said…
What's the difference between both released tapes.
Silly PR management.
Unknown said…
The first statement referring to why everyone was crying was taken out. I think this referred to people crying because corruption had become a way of life and what Buhari was doing seemed strange?
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