Slay Queen Ignored A Man Wooing Her, When She Realized He Owns A Mercedes Benz, She Did This...

Slay queen ignores a man wooing her, but when she realises he owns a flashy Mercedes Benz, she then tries to get his attention.

A man was trying to get the attention of this curvy slay queen, calling her as she walked but she did as if she didn't hear the man, maybe thinking he's just a random broke guy.

When she turned back and saw the man going to his Mercedes Benz, she pretended as if she was injured.

The gentleman came to her aid and led her close to his car.

He opened the car door and the lady quickly tried to enter, but the man shunned her. She cursed the man and left angrily.

Mercedes Benz made the slay queen ditch her ego & pride.

Watch the video...


Gbenga Odunukan said…

Healthcare and Fitness Ideas They are called goal diggers. And need to high level embarrassment to learn.
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