Plus-Sized Lady Entering A Taxi Assaulted And Disgraced By Guys In South Africa Over Her Dressing

South African Lady’s Short Gown Pulled Up By Men Exposing Her Bare Butt.

This plus-sized young lady was embarrassed, harassed and humiliated by some men publicly in South Africa.

She wanted to enter a taxi when some guys pulled up her short gown exposing her bare pantless butt.

What an embarrassment! This is sexual assault. Some online users scream.

Catchvibe Moatshe, an Award Winning South African Radio Personality, Speaker, Philanthropist, MC and a Brand Influencer
shared photos from the scene.

He captioned it:

"Speak to your brothers , your boyfriends, your cousins, your uncles
Let women wear what they wanna wear in peace

Their behavior is disgusting, so sick wonder how we raising our sons if we continue to live so sick"

The disturbing photos have generated lots of online comments, and sparked outrage, sparked online debate.

Some blamed the young lady for "not dressing decently". That her dressing caused her to be harassed.

While some others argued that the lady's dressing shouldn't have made the guys harass her like that. That she has the right to wear whatever she wants to. They slammed those blaming the lady for the assault on her over her dressing.

See the comments and more photos after the cut.....

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