Davies Iyiegbu Sues Globacom To Court For N500 Million - Copyright Case

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Globacom Sued To Court By Davies Iyiegbu For N500 Million - Copyright Case

Glo Nigeria sued to court by Davies Iyiegbu for N500 Million ’One of the biggest copyright lawsuit ever in Nigeria’

Grab your popcorn guys, this going to be interesting and huge.

How often do we hear the phrase, Nigerian youths are lazy! well there is a reason why our greatest minds and innovators are all brain drained by the likes of USA and Europe. Simply because for creativity to grow and thrive, the Nigerian state and stakeholders needs to recognise the need to support the hardworking youth and create an environment where copyright laws are protected.

The story we at www.thefamousnaija.com are about to share is a heart felt story of a young Nigerian who developed one of the greatest advertising idea of the 21st century, now before you argue the title, here is why? When the likes of Google started Google Ads, who would had known that the company would be worth over 800 billion dollars, today google creates ads that target mobile devices in an aggressive way that does not give users the option to opt out of the advertisement.

However, Davies Iyiegbu, an NYSC corper at the time in 2012 developed the idea to give value to disposable while targeting advertisement to over 113million+ Nigerians as alternative to the aggressive Google ads, using mobile recharge cards, this simply had economic and social benefits for Nigeria. From the economic stand point, Davies’ model would had created employment that would seen hundreds of thousands of recharge card dealers making money by placing advertisement of their plain white recharge card papers which cost them more money to print and on the other hand the social benefits of creating value for disposable recharge cards would have created an entire new industry.

But as the story goes, Davies went on to submit the proposal at the Globalcom Office at No 1, Mike Adenuga’s Tower, Victoria Island which included all the hardcopies of the said business idea and he was also re-invited for further discussions at which he made presentations on several of those occasions, with strong interest from the Globacom company.

However, as negotiations were pending , the idea was replicated without the consent of Davies Iyiegbu, who is the legal copyright holder of the business idea as issued by the Nigerian copyright commission.

4 years legal tussle has ensured between Davies Iyiegbu and Globacom Limited filed at the Federal Hight court, in Lagos with suit Number FHC/L/CS/609, there were overwhelming evidences against Globacom including video recordings of the meetings, events leading up and after the discussion.

The counsel to Davies Iyiegbu, the chamber of Paul C. Ananamba (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) chose to head for the law court when repeated letters to GLO failed to address the situation.

The statement continues: “Supported by numerous exhibits, the Plaintiff in the Statement of Claim said that Glo breached the copyright and intellectual property in the production of recharge cards with advertisement without his consent”

The chamber is determined to defend the intellectual property.

We believe in the legal system that should protect our young and vibrant minds.

The recent crash in the price of crude oil should be a lesson that Nigeria can no longer afford to waste her tremendous intellectual property assets, alternative industries would create jobs and improve our economy, enough of the condoning of rascality and invincibility by the so called multinationals.

The matter is slated to come up for judgement in February.

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