Chichi Igbo Has A Son? Is This Her Child? (Pictures)

Former Super Falcons player, Chichi Igbo has kept mum on whether she has a son or not.

The ex football star has been flaunting a boy that so much looks like her on Instagram. She calls him 'Mini me'.

Many have been wondering if the child is actually her son or her younger brother or relative. But Chichi Igbo has refused to answer inquisitive fans.

The first picture of the boy she uploaded was captioned:

"Soccer practice with mini me, the youngest on the soccer field with the pro touch, the only one that took after me... watch the space, officially his personal coach. ❤️💫⚽️"

Her follower, Skits_89 then questioned:

"Wait... Did she birth him? Or is that her lil brother. Ijs"

Chichi Igbo fired back:

"@skits_89 who are you asking?"

The follower, Skits_89, then wrote:

'Well i didn't think u would respond so in that case im aski g you? Is he your son or little brother because yall do look too much a like its just a question'

Chichi Igbo and her muscles

More fans are still asking if Chichi Igbo has a child...

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