Atiku And Peter Obi On "The Candidates": Kadaria Ahmed Accused Of Bias As Nigerians React

PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Peter Obi are live in "The Candidates" anchored by journalist, Kadaria Ahmed.

Nigerians are reacting to the appearance of Atiku and Obi on "The Candidates" and some have accused the moderator and interview, Kadaria Ahmed, of bias.

Read some comments accusing Kadaria Ahmed of bias and also see other general comments and watch videos after the cut....

@d_critic: "This anchor woman is taking this interview too personal..., I hear oshiomole voice in her ear piece #NgTheCandidates" 

Obong of Abuja 🌀@fynefaceIV:

"Kadaria is messing up tonight, asking bias questions #NgTheCandidates" 

"The moderator sounds more like an investigator.

ThankGod Ukachukwu @kcnaija:

"Kadaria is here for APC. Believe me. She’s asking questions given to her by Tolu. #NgTheCandidates" 

Yomi @yomilevel: 

"This interviewer is out here to attack Atiku and Obi not to interview them #NgTheCandidates"

Mirah Eddy @EddyMirah: 

"#NgTheCandidates why is
 taking things personal I didn't see her grilling
 during his debate" 

See photos from "The Candidates" featuring Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi... 

See more reactions.....

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