Atiku Abubakar's US Town Hall Meeting Disrupted. Nigerians React (Video, Photos)

APC Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Abena and APC supporter Adeola Adeniyi shared this video, claiming that Atiku Abubakar's US Town Hall Meeting was disrupted by some Nigerians.

Adeola Adeniyi @MrAdeolaAdeniyi shared the video and wrote:

"I am not happy Atiku town hall meeting was disrupted but I need you to listen to the background speech for all Nigerians home and abroad."

APC Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Abena also shared the video and wrote:

“Bloody set of criminals ,you want to sell 🇳🇬 again for the second time, it’s not possible awon werey.”
 in Washington DC

Watch the video and see reactions from Nigerians...

See reactions . .

What do you think about this development? 


Unknown said…
These are ridiculous folks in front of the hotel when Atiku landed in US.. APC needs to stop with the propaganda. The Townhall was very successfully without any distruption... I have videos to proof that.. Stop lying to Nigerians..
Unknown said…
Buhari is better than Atiku (APC)
Unknown said…
Obasanjo condemned this man before he came to eulogies him are we out of our senses Nigerians e ronu o
Unknown said…
Before now, Atiku can't travel to the US but suddenly Town Hall meeting was disrupted by Nigerians with a single voice of a hired tug cursing on the background. APC is shameless and I am wondering why some people still don't see the writing on the wall for them!
Unknown said…
Apc at work,with their fake news
Unknown said…
Here in US we are not easily fooled if APC is so great what are they afraid of PDP by disrupting the town hall.APC should be ashamed.
Unknown said…
Apc is a disgrace to themselves,some years ago,Atiku was a great man in their sight.. bullshitttttt
Unknown said…
As much as I don't support the idea of disruption of Atiku Town Hall Meeting.Atiku unfortunately brought upon himself.There is no justification for coming to America with his entourage during presidential election waiting million of dollars.He could have wisely wait until after the election-Period.
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