Amaechi At APC Campaign In Kebbi: "I Go Shoot Am O! No Talk Atiku, Say Bagudu" (Video)

During President Buhari, APC Campaign in Kebbi State today, something funny happened.

Rotimi Amaechi threatened to shoot somebody.

While talking to the crowd today at the APC presidential rally in Kebbi State, the crowd shouted SAI ATIKU.

Amaechi then responded by saying:

"I go shoot am o. No talk Atiku, say Bagudu."

Note, Atiku Bagudu is the name of the Governor of Kebbi state.

But it appears Amaechi doesn't want to give any chances. That's why he preferred they said 'Bagudu' instead of Atiku.

Meanwhile, some observers claim President Buhari who was spotted in the video hold his head/face with his hand. They claim the President looks stressed.

Watch the video below and and see photos from Buhari, APC Presidential Campaign In Kebbi.....


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Unknown said…
Buhari is a nightmare to we nigerians
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