Sharo: The Fulani Whipping Contest: 'I Got 3 Wives This Way' - Fulani Man

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"I got three wives this way." - Fulani Man

Sharo is a practice where young Fulani men compete for wives. It involves men being flogged to test their endurance.

Fulani girls and young women, including would-be-brides attend.

But in recent years, this practice has declined in popularity. Some say it's too dangerous. Others say it is not allowed in Islam. But many Fulanis want to keep this eye-watering practice alive.

Watch the Sharo BBC video

Sharo is the Fulani whipping contest where men are rewarded with money and even a potential suitor - if they are brave enough to endure a good flogging.


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Who is this one again? Wat do u mean may God of Luka? Is he not ur God.....u HV allowed the spirit of religion to operate in u...let go of hero worshipping and embrace God worship him in truth and in spirit
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