Meet Chidinma Leilani Aaron, Biography, Age Of Miss Nigeria 2018 Winner

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Who Is Chidinma Leilani Aaron? 

Meet 25-year-old CHIDINMA LEILANI AARON, from Anambra State (represented the South-East zone at Miss Nigeria 2018 Pageant). She graduated with Honors from Leeds City University, Ibadan, where she studied Business Administration. She is a chef and she loves mountain climbing.

Chidinma Leilani Aaron beat 17 contestants to win the Miss Nigeria 2018 title. She emerged as the 42nd Miss Nigeria and also walked home with a cheque of 3 million naira.

Chidinma Leilani Aaron represented Enugu in the 30th edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant 2017 but lost. So Miss Nigeria is not her first attempt at beauty pageants.

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"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do." -- Anonymous 😊 It's almost here guys! The coronation of Miss Nigeria 2018🌹 I have nothing but joy in my heart for going through this journey. I have been able to learn and unlearn a lot of things. I'm coming out on the other side better groomed, even more rounded, empathic, conscientious and more self aware. Thank You Lord. It's been amaaazing weathering storms, receiving love, showing love, meeting people, learning from them and teaching them, making a new friend or two, just being present and enjoying this life. I'm a winner and it feels soo good. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me🤗💕 #roadtomissnigeria2018 #happy #missnigeria2018 #beauty #lifestyle #love #goodmorning #nature #hair #natural #fun
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