The Voice Of America Focuses On Corruption In Nigeria

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100 billion dollars corrupt money passes through the UK annually -  The Voice of America

APC Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Nabena shares this expository but embarrassing documentary about the shameful high level of corruption in Nigeria.

The documentary focused on corrupt activities under PDP and how the current Buhari administration is trying to curb corruption in the county.

The Voice of America documentary made mention of Senate President Bukola Saraki's alleged properties abroad, which he denied. Former minister of petroleum and OPEC President, Deziani Alison-Madueke was also exposed in the documentary.

Nigeria's Information Minister, Lai Mohammed also appeared on the documentary.

APC Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Nabena misrepresented the report by saying that the VOA said "100 billion dollars From Nigeria passed through the UK annually under PDP".
This is obviously a lie judging from what is seen in the video. The Voice Of America video didn't mention PDP and only said "100 billion dollars corrupt money passes through the UK annually" and Nigeria wasn't mentioned specifically.

Some smart Nigerians noticed it and queried the APC Chieftain for his propaganda.

Reacting to the report, some Nigerians queried Yekini Nabena for his propaganda. 
See some comments:

Ijele Umu-Ilorin@hiskenny09 said:
'Buhari's entire 2019 budget, which is the highest we've ever had by the way, is $25 billion dollars. You are still stuck in the laughable oppositional propaganda politics that got you into office. It has expired chief. Pack up your load.'

Tony Obinna @tfire2006 said:
Please where did you get these figures from? The sad truth is some of you don’t even have an idea of the revenue profile of the country you are running. Where did nigeria earn $100b from?"

Beno1502 @Beno16784083 said:

"Do Nigeria make such am amount of money - $100 bn? Even the narrative in the video is that such fraudulent amount of money passes thru the UK and not necessarily from Nigeria"

Goldarmour @alphaolive asked:

"How much of such funds have you saved today .How much is our total yearly for you to continue this baseless propaganda that lead to this bad hard time the country is into"

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