Meet The Knifar Women: Boko Haram Survivors Raped By Nigerian Soldiers - Amnesty International Shares Disturbing Video

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Women Who Survived Boko Haram, Detained, Raped & Starved By Soldiers In IDP Camp - Amnesty International Shares Disturbing Video

Amnesty International shares this video with the caption:

"These brave @knifar2017 women—who survived Boko Haram, but were detained in camps where rape and starvation were rife—took on the Nigerian government to demand justice. They won't rest until the world knows. Help share their story to start #16Days of activism."

The graphic video shows detained men being tortured by soldiers.

One of the women who spoke said:

" We have no husbands, nothing to eat or drink, we are responsible for taking care of our children. The government should listen to our cry and come to our aid. We were in our village when President Buhari said he doesn't want poor people to suffer, that we should all come out, that we would be helped. So we all packed our belongings and left. But the Nigerian Army took many of the men and accused them of being 'Boko Haram'. They were Tortured, imprisoned and killed. Women and children were locked up in camps, starved, abused and raped."

Another woman recounted:

" You will see a soldier with food in his hands and he will say, 'if you like me, take this food'. They would say 'come with us' and we will think about our children crying for food. If you accept the food, he would come back later to have intercourse with you, and if you refused, he would use force to rape you."

The consequence?
Thousands died in camps

Now these women are writing letters, making lists of those missing, jailed and killed. They even testified before a government panel.

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