Yahoo Boy: Otunba Cash Spraying Dollars On Oritsefemi + How He Spent Money With His Gang

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Emmanuel Aneke popularly known as Otunba Cash has been trending online for the wrong reason since the news of his arrest broke out on the 26th of October 2018.

The Nigerian big boy, Otunba Cash, is the CEO of Instanbul Entertainment in Nigeria. He was recently arrested alongside his gang members O. Popoola, AA Oyemade, AT Fajolu and BO Balogun in Turkey for $1.4million scam in Denmark.

They were accused of hacking international companies’ emails, learning about their business partners and then using duplicate websites to defraud them. understands that Otunba Cash and his gang spent their money on flashy cars, expensive wines, champagne, clubs, parties, ladies and on some famous celebrities. They lived flashy, flamboyant lifestyles associated with yahoo yahoo.

Prior to his arrest, many had suspected Otunba Cash of being a yahoo boy, but no evidence to back it up until his arrest.

In law, Otunba Cash is still innocent, he's just a suspect until the court convicts him, finds him guilty.

Take a look at photos and videos showing how Otunba Cash spent his 'fraud' money on himself and with his gang, friends.

Spent Money On Singer Oritsefemi

In October 2017, Otunba Cash celebrated his birthday. During the celebration, he shared this video where he was Spraying money, dollars on popular singer, Oritse Femi. Watch the video and see photos.

See reactions as people hailed Otunba Cash for throwing money at singer Oritsefemi. All that glitters is not gold.

More photos from Otunba Cash lavish birthday bash, went on boat cruise with his gang and friends.

Photo of Otunba Cash spraying money on another man during performance.

Photos of Otunba Cash and his flashy cars

Photos of Otunba Cash enjoying in the high sea

Otunba Cash goes shopping with his cute twin children - boy and girl

Otunba Cash on personal shopping

Otunba Cash enjoying the smoke and showing off his expensive wristwatch.

Otunba Cash and gang hit the club, having fun and throwing money like paper.

Again, all that glitters is not gold. It's Otunba Cash today, it could be another person tomorrow.

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