Beautiful Plus-Sized Lady With Huge Backside Dancing: Video Causes Stir Online

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Here is a trending video of a beautiful Plus-Sized Lady dancing with her massive bum packaged in jeans.

This viral video has got Nigerians talking online. 

Some like the beautiful lady and her huge endowments, while others think she is carrying 'too much load'.

See photos and watch video after the cut. 

Watch video as shared by Tunde Ednut on Instagram

A post shared by Tunde Ednut (@tundeednut) on

Also see some reactions.

'Over load' 

'Pass I still want to breath' 

'I like d babe so much. Shes so natural' 

'She's pretty, happy and comfortable in her skin. Please people should stop body shaming her, will smash, stay n smash all day long if I were a guy.' 

'I just dey pity the poor phone in her back pocket 😢😢😢'

'Man!!!! Fabulous flat tummy. I like that’s she’s owning her body. When confidence is always from within external validation is irrelevant. Kudos to her 🙌🏾💕'

'This one😁 before you locate the main entrance.. you would have cum already 🤣🤣😁... I’m not smashing anything' 

Guys, what do you think about the lady? You find her attractive? Would you smash or pass? 

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