Press Conference: The 4 Questions Dele Momodu Asked Governor Ambode That He Refused To Answer

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These were the 4 questions Dele Momodu asked Governor Ambode but he refused to answer them:

1. It is obvious that all is not well between you and your Godfather. Do you think you have exhausted every means of appealing to him? 

2. Is it true that the presidency has endorsed your opponent, Jide Sanwo-Olu? 

3. If you go ahead with the election and somehow, you are not able to make it, what are the alternatives available to you? 

4. Do you think the plan to impeach you is already in the works? 

4b. It looks like this is an all-time war. Are you ready to fight all the way? 

The Lagos Governor, in his response, said: ” …The Kind of questions you have asked, I am not willing to answer them.” 

Listen to Ambode's response in the video above. 


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