Nollywood Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Acting Career For Marriage (Photos)

Facebook SDK takes a look at Nollywood star actresses who made waves before marriage took them away from their thriving acting careers.

Most of them relocated abroad immediately after their wedding.


The Abia born actress got married to Godwin Okri and relocated to The UK. Before her wedding, Victoria Inyama was an A-list actress.

Victoria Inyama throwback photos

She Sacrificed her career for marriage. She recently hinted that her marriage is in crisis after accusing her husband of infidelity.


The Ozubulu Anambra born Curvy actress left Nollywood and relocated abroad after her marriage.

Rita Nzelu's acting debut started as a runs girl in 'Living In Bondage'. She went on to star in many other films. There was an unconfirmed report that her marriage to Simeon Okoro has crashed.

They have a son together.


Regina was the hottest actress in Nigeria with Liz Benson before she got married and relocated abroad in 2000. She lives in US with her family and now a nurse.
Regina Askia-Williams kids

She recently told her fans she never regrets leaving Nollywood for abroad, marriage and nursing career.


Dolly was prominent actress in the 1990s but left Nollywood around the year 2000 and relocated abroad.

She got married there and hasn't returned to acting since then.


The Akwa Ibom born 'Sakobi, The Snake Girl' star actress left Nollywood immediately after her wedding to top police officer as a 2nd wife. Nothing has been heard of her even after the demise of her husband.


The Ogun born actress was already making waves as an actress before her marriage in 2007. She relocated to join her husband in UK.


Maureen Solomon - Okereke got married and stopped acting to take care of her family and kids.

She told THE SUN:

"It’s not so much silence because I want it to be so, but the fact that I am focused more on the family front, which I feel is more important. For all these years, I am grateful for the time that I have spent with my family, and continue to spend. I have devoted my time to my children for some time now. So, right now, I am coming back to work. My absence all these years has been because of my family."

Reacting to rumour that her husband stopped her from acting.

"As a matter of fact, I got married in 2005 and I acted till 2011. The last time I did a movie was in 2011 and my husband never stopped me. So, I wonder why he would stop me in the middle of the way. My husband actually encourages my work, even in my going back now by the grace of God. It is still him that is pushing me and he will always spur me to do greater things, not just the normal thing we know of. So, he never stopped me, I stopped myself because I needed to dedicate more time to my children. My last house girl left as at the time I decided to stay home and I decided not to get another one. I practically had to become the house girl." She told The Sun.

Georgina ONUOHA

Actress Georgina got married to Ifeanyi Igwebe and relocated to US where she's doing fine, though her marriage has crashed. It produced two beautiful, smart girls.


A-List actress Sandra Achums relocated to Germany after her marriage.

Do you think these star actresses' decision to dump their thriving careers for marriage was a wise one?

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