Documentary On Amphibian Jet Designed By A Nigerian, Durojaiye Obasanjo

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Nigeria is blessed with both natural and human resources.  Mr. Durojaiye Obasanjo is one of creative Nigerians who despite his humble background choose to remain focus in his craft.   He is the inventor of Amphibian jet .

Durojaiye Kehinde Obasanjo has achieved something great and needs Nigerians support It is  saddening that Nigerian government has not giving him huge support he needs to make this invention  a problem solver in our  bad road networks.

Although also from Abeokuta, Ogun State Mr. Durojaiye Obasanjo is not related to the former president who bears the same name as him and has had no contact with his namesake on the project as at the time of filing this report

As at the time of filing this report, the Amphibian Jet can only move on land and on the sea . It moves by the means of aerodynamics
Mr Obasanjo told me that the device is being driven by very simple engineering and could be operated by everyone. He has driven the jet from Lagos to Ibadan where other road users were amazed and paved way for him.

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