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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Its BSD (Itsbsd TikTok) Bio, Wikipedia, Real Name, Wife, Gender, Gay, Twin, Parents, Family, Height, Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity, Accent, Education, Religion, Siblings, Brother, Sister, Father, Mother, Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend, Husband, Its BSD Images, Facebook Photos, Twitter, Ig Pics, TikTok, Interview, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, OnlyFans, Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Children, Child, Son, Daughter, Relationship, Hairstyles, Tattoo
Its BSD Wikipedia, Wiki, Images

Itsbsd Pictures, TikTok, Biography

ItsBSD Bio, Wiki, Pictures

History Of Its bsd TikTok: Everything To Know About Itsbsd Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Family, Twin, Siblings, Gay, Partner, Nationality, Ethnicity, Relationship, Dating
Who is Its BSD Girlfriend, Is He Married?

Who is Itsbsd?
Biography Wikipedia: Itsbsd whose real name is Marcus (born 6 February 1994) is a dwarf American Digital Content Creator, TikTok Star, YouTuber and Comedian.
ItsBSD Photos, Pictures, Pics, Images

His net worth is about $750,000 US Dollars as at 2023. He earns a living as from TikTok and Instagram as a brand influencer. He also makes money from his his YouTube earnings through Google Adsense.

Itsbsd is a 4'6" tall, 29-year-old American born TikToker and Social Media Personality known for his comedy videos on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

ItsBSD was born on 6 February 1994 in the United States of America. He is 29 years old as at 2023.

Itsbsd is American by Nationality and black ethnicity. He was born into a Christian family and was raised by his parents alongside his siblings. His father and mother are both black descent.

Itsbsd is currently not married to any wife and has no child yet but he has a beautiful girlfriend he is dating and in a relationship with. He doesn't like to flaunt his girlfriend.

ItsBSD Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Itsbsd

Real Name: Marcus

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Height: 4 feet, 6 Inches tall (1.37m)

Weight: 75kg (165lbs)

Place Of Birth: United States

Date Of Birth: 6 February 1994

Birthday: 6th February

Age: 29 Years Old (2023)

Occupation: Comedian, Content Creator, YouTuber, TikToker, Internet Personality, Skit Maker

Net Worth: $750,000 US Dollars

Marital Status: Single

Wife, Spouse: Not Married

Girlfriend: N/A

Children: 0

Religion: Christian

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: itsbsd7
Facebook: Itsbsd
TikTok: @itsbsd
YouTube: Its BSD @itsbsd

Its bsd Shirtless

Full Biography Of Its BSD, TikTok, YouTube, Comedian, Comedy Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood, Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Wife

ItsBsd net worth
What is its bsd net worth?
Its BSD height
Its bsd gender
Itsbsd accent
ItsBsd girlfriend
Its BSD shorts

Who is Its BSD?
Bio Wiki: Its bsd is an American Comedian, Content Creator, TikTok celebrity and YouTuber whose comedy videos and diminutive body size have brought him fame.

Its BSD is a Comedy video creator on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram who often incorporates music into his videos.

Itsbsd TikTok: Its bsd is an American TikToker. He is on TikTok with the account @itsbsd. Its BSD currently has over 14.2 million followers and 269.2M likes on his verified TikTok profile as at July 2023. He is one of the most popular dwarfs on TikTok.
Its bsd TikTok

Its bsd YouTube
: Itsbsd YouTube channel name and account is Its BSD @itsbsd. He currently has over 3.26M YouTube subscribers and 360 videos on YouTube as at July 2023.

His YouTube About Profile reads;

I just tell stories... must be from dreams or lifestories, sometimes, for legal reasons, we will never know 🤷🏾‍♂️

We all spend the day differently but if the time I spend doing my videos can make you smile even for 1s, I have reached my goal. If you laughed it is even better!

Keep it up! You're stronger than you think! 🙏🏾

Its BSD Instagram
: Itsbsd Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 
. ItsBSD currently has over 215K followers on Instagram as at July 2023.

Its BSD Email Address: [email protected]

ItsBSD Education
Its bsd name of high school and University attended not available. His education history is unavailable.

Its bsd Real Name: What is Itsbsd real name? Its BSD real is Marcus but his surname is unavailable.

Its bsd Gender (Male): Its BSD is a male (man). His pronounce are he/him.

Its bsd Gay: Is Itsbsd Gay? No, Itsbsd is not gay. He is straight but he made a 'gay' comic video content that got people asking if Its BSD is gay or not. He doesn't have a gay boyfriend or partner. He rather has a girlfriend he is currently dating.

Itsbsd Height and Weight
Height 4 feet, 6 Inches tall (1.37m) & Weight 75kg (165lbs)

Its BSD Height: How tall is Itsbsd? ItsBSD is about 4'6" (4 feet, 6 Inches tall) that's about 1.37m.
ItsBSD Height and Weight

Itsbsd Dwarf: Is Its bsd a dward? Yes, Itsbsd is a dwarf. He is a little man who was born with dwarfism and stands at 4"6 Feet tall.
Itsbsd And Ekaterina Lisina, 6'9" tallest professional female model in the world

Itsbsd and Robert Wilmote

Itsbsd Nationality: Where is Its bsd From? Its bsd is an American. He is from the United States of America.

ItsBSD Ethnicity: Its BSD is a black American.

Itsbsd Accent: Its bsd has an accent that adds to the uniqueness of his comedy videos.

Itsbsd Date Of Birth, Birthday: Itsbsd was born on 6 February 1994. He is 29 years old now (2023).
Itsbsd Age: How old is ItsBSD?

Its bsd Age: How old is Itsbsd? ItsBSD is 29 years old as at 2023. He celebrates his 30th birthday on the 6th of February 2024.

Itsbsd Religion: Its BSD is a Christian.

Its BSD Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother, Sister: Itsbsd is from a black American family. His parents are blacks. He often posts about his mom on his TikTok videos.

Itsbsd Twin
: Is Its bsd a twin? No, Itsbsd is not a twin and does not have a twin brother. But Its BSD often posts videos about his "twin brother" which got some fans assume that he was born a twin.
Is Its bsd a Twin?

Its bsd Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Itsbsd married? No, Itsbsd is not yet married. He is single.

Itsbsd Wife: Who is Its bsd Wife? Its bsd does not have a wife yet and has not revealed who his wife to be is.

ItsBsd Girlfriend: Who is Its bsd Girlfriend? Itsbsd has a girlfriend he is in a relationship with and dating.

Itsbsd Children, Child, Son, Daughter, Baby
: No, Its bsd does not have a child yet.

ItsBSD Engaged, Engagement, Fianceé: Its bsd is not engaged to be married.

ItsBsd Net Worth: What is its bsd net worth? ItsBsd has an estimated net worth of about $750,000 US Dollars as at 2023.
Its BSD Net Worth

ItsBsd House and Cars: ItsBsd lives in the United States of America and drives nice cars.

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