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History Of Frank Edoho: Everything To Know About Frank Edoho Profile, Marriage, Divorce, Wife Sandra Onyenucheya, Ex Wife Katherine Obiang, Children, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Son, Daughter
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Who Is Frank Edoho?

Frank Edoho (born 8 July 1972) is a Nigerian TV Personality, Host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Cinematographer, Broadcaster, Photographer, Media Consultant, OAP, and a Voice Over Artist.

Frank Edoho describes himself on his Instagram page as 'Host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Cinematographer, Colorist, Photographer, Media Consultant, Amateur Athlete, Chelsea FC Hooligan, Great Dad.'

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About Frank Edoho Profile Bio Wiki Data Facts

Name: Frank Edoho

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Cross River

Hometown: Calabar

Place Of Birth: Kano

Date Of Birth: 8 July 1972

Birthday: 8th July

Age: 50 Years Old (In 2022)

Height: 5"8 Feet Tall

Occupation, Career: TV Host, Photographer, Media Consultant, Voice Over Artist, OAP

Net Worth: $500,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦275,000,000

Relationship, Marital Status: Divorced, Remarried

Married: Yes

Spouse, Wife: Sandra Onyenucheya (New Wife)

Ex Wife: Katherine Obiang (First Wife)

Children: 5

Number Of Children From First Marriage: 3

Number Of Kids From Second Marriage: 2

Stepdaughter: 1

First Son's Name: Jason Edoho aka Jayydoho

Parents: Mr and Mrs Edoho

Father: Mr Edoho

Mother: Nya Bassey

Siblings: 3 (Eno Edoho, Favour Iniama, Bassey Edoho)

Brother: Bassey Edoho

Sisters: Eno Edoho, Favour Iniama

Education: University Of Calabar (UNICAL)

Course Studied: Animal Science

Facebook: Frank Edoho

Twitter: Frank Edoho

Instagram: frankedoho

Full Biography Of Frank Edoho, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Marriage, Savage Replies, First & Second Wives, Divorce Scandal

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Watch Interview Video of Frank Edoho (Throwback Video)

Biography, Wikipedia: Frank Edoho is a Nigerian born TV host, broadcaster, voice over artist, photographer, producer and a filmmaker who is popular as 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' (WWTBAM) host.

Frank Edoho is the Host of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' in Nigeria, a Cinematographer, Photographer, Certified Davinci Resolve Colorist, Media Consultant, Producer, PR Executive and Event Host.

Frank Edoho has hosted the Miss Africa University Beauty Pageant twice in a row. 

Frank Edoho was born on 8 July 1972 in Kano State, Northern part of Nigeria.

Frank Edoho was a rap artiste with the stage name Mc Frank when he was in school.
After his graduation from UNICAL, Frank Edoho started his broadcasting career as a presenter at the Cross River State Broadcasting Corporation and also anchored a Breakfast Television for the Nigerian Television Authority, Channel 9, Calabar.

He later moved to Metro FM 97.6 in 1999 where he anchored radio shows for the radio station. 

Frank Edoho came into limelight as the host of the popular show, 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' which made him a superstar in Nigeria.

Frank Edoho rejected a new deal to continue as host of Who wants to be a Millionaire? After which he was unveiled as the host of an international TV show, 'The Price Is Right' alongside Emmanuel Essien who is popularly known as Mannie.

Voice Over Artist: Frank Edoho has earned himself respect for his eloquent voice and has performed a number of voice overs for radio ads and radio jungles for Unilever Nigeria Plc, International Bank Plc and Elizade Toyota, Vogue Fruit Juice, First City Monument Bank,.

Frank Edoho Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) Host
Frank Edoho hosted 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire', a popular TV game show for 13 good years, from 2004 to 2017.
Frank Edoho who is quite handsome always showed his good looks and handsome face on TV. His composure, smartness, dapper dressing, suspense made got people attracted to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Throwback Photos of Frank Edoho. See his Looks and Facial expressions on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Frank Edoho Resignation, Resigns From Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Frank Edoho resigned from being the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on 2nd September 2017 after hosting the show for 13 years.

He announced his departure from the show through his official Twitter page after failing to agree on terms with Ultima Studios. Frank Edoho denied being "dropped" or sacked by the organizers of the show, maintaining that he "declined the offer" that was given to him.

Frank Edoho Returns As The Host Of New 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' WWTBAM Series 2

On 6th of February 2022, Frank Edoho announced his return as the host of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) official Twitter page first made the announcement of Frank Edoho's return:

"The suspense is over!! Meet your host for WWTBAM - THE REBIRTH!! Yes, you called it & we listened! Frank is back, people & he's ready to make your dream come true! Dare to be a millionaire!

#readygetsetgo #wwtbamhost #FrankIsBack"

Frank Edoho also took his Twitter page and announced his return as WWTBAM host. He wrote:

"Hey everyone. I assume you know by now that I have been offered the role of Host of WWTBAM Series 2. My immense gratitude goes to all of you for hoping that I get the job. Thank you for your kind wishes and felicitations 
God bless you all. 💙

Follow this account to find out how you can participate in Who Wants to be a Millionaire!!!👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾"

How to Participate On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: How To apply for Who Wants to be a Millionaire Nigeria

Simply Dial *569# or *7006*20# on your mobile phone and stand a chance to be a participant.

By pressing *569#, you continue by pressing 1. You will be charged N6.98 for this service.

You can select three of the following options;

1 - for Studio Play Participation
2 - For Question of the Week
3 - For Sponsored Play.

Cost of Participation

After the steps above, you will answer a Question and selecting an Option costs N200.

Time Of Airing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2022

It will be on air every Sunday night from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

Stations That Air Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Stations to watch it are African Magic Family on DSTV, STV and NTA.

Frank Edoho Award and Recognitions:
- Youth Ambassador Award by Fly Networks
- Best TV presenter of the year 2006 by City People Magazine Award
- Male TV presenter of the year 2008 by Nigeria Kids Choice Award.
Frank Edoho and Teni
Photo of Frank Edoho at the Wedding ceremony of Stephanie Okereke and Linus Idahosa in Greece in 2012

Frank Edoho and Actress Peace Oni

Frank Edoho Education, School, University & Course Studied
Frank Edoho graduated from the University of Calabar (UNICAL) where he studied Animal Sciences.

University of Calabar
Bachelor of Agriculture (Animal Sciences)
1992 - 1998

Frank Edoho State Of Origin: Which state is Frank edoho from? Where is Frank Edoho from? Frank Edoho is from Cross River State, Nigeria.

Frank Edoho Hometown, Tribe, Village: Frank Edoho hails from Calabar, Cross River State, South-South part of Nigeria.

Frank Edoho Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Frank Edoho born? Frank Edoho was born on 8 July 1972.

Frank Edoho Real Age: How Old Is Frank Edoho? Frank Edoho is 49 years old now.
Frank Edoho will be 50 Years old on 8th July 2022 when he will celebrate his 50th birthday.

Frank Edoho Height: How tall is Frank Edoho? Frank Edoho is 5"8 feet tall.
Pictures of Frank Edoho standing at 5"8 Feet Tall

Frank Edoho and Austin Jay Jay Okocha
Picture of Frank Edoho and John Terry

Frank Edoho Dressing, Suit, Hairstyles, Fashion: Frank Edoho often wears suits, tie, shirts when presenting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He often dresses fine, wears nice clothes. He hardly wears native or traditional outfits. He rocks low cut and appears smart, dapper and handsome.
Pictures of Frank Edoho In Suits On who wants to be a millionaire

Frank Edoho Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Frank Edoho gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Frank Edoho is straight.

Frank Edoho Religion: Frank Edoho is a Christian.

Frank Edoho Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Frank Edoho was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Edoho. His parents are from Cross River State.
Frank Edoho is from a family of 6, including his parents, himself and 3 siblings.
Photo of Frank Edoho Mother

Frank Edoho Father: Who Is Frank Edoho father? Frank Edoho father is Mr Edoho who is from Cross River State.

Frank Edoho Mother: Who Is Frank Edoho Mother, Name, Pictures? Frank Edoho mother is Mrs Nya Bassey who is proud of him and often celebrates him on her Facebook page.
Pictures of Frank Edoho Mother, Nya Bassey

Nya Bassey shared pictures of her son, Frank Edoho on her Facebook account to celebrate him on his birthday and wrote:

"Happy birthday to you my dear son Frank Edoho. My kind, intelligent and humble son I wish you all the good things that you wish yourself and God's abundant Blessings always. Have fun my dear. 😍😍❤❤"

"My son Frank Edoho is saying a very big thank you to all Father Mothers, Uncles Aunties and friends who took out time to celebrate him on his birthday and I Adiaha Papa his mother is saying a very big thank you to all my friends for celebrating him on that special day. God Bless you all my people. Thank you so much. ❤❤💖💖🤗🤗🤗."

Frank Edoho Siblings: Frank Edoho has three (3) siblings - 2 sisters and one brother.
The names of Frank Edoho siblings are Bassey Edoho, Eno Edoho, Favour Iniama.
Pictures of Frank Edoho Siblings, Brother and sisters

Frank Edoho Sisters: The names of Frank Edoho sisters are Eno Edoho, Favour Iniama.
Frank Edoho Brother: The name of Frank Edoho brother is Bassey Edoho.
Photos of Frank Edoho Brother

Frank Edoho Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Frank Edoho married? YES, Frank Edoho is currently married to Sandra Onyenucheya aka Sandra Edoho.
Frank Edoho got married to his second, new wife, Sandra Onyenucheya on 1 December 2014 after his first marriage to his ex wife Katherine Obiang who was his first wife crashed in 2011.

Frank Edoho Wedding Pictures With His wife, Sandra Edoho Onyenucheya

Frank Edoho First Wife Katherine Obiang vs New Wife Sandra Onyenucheya

Frank Edoho Wife
: Who Is Frank Edoho wife, name, age, Pictures? Frank Edoho's wife is Sandra Onyenucheya who is also known as Sandra Edoho. She is an entrepreneur and CEO of Vivabella Designs, Vivabellahome.
Frank Edoho's wife, Sandra Onyenucheya is very beautiful and has two tattoos on her body.
Pictures of Frank Edoho Wife, Sandra Edoho aka Sandra Onyenucheya

Frank Edoho Wife Age: How old is Frank Edoho Wife? Frank Edoho wife, Sandra Onyenucheya is 38 years old in 2022.
Frank Edoho is 12 years older than his wife, Sandra Edoho.

Pictures of Frank Edoho and his Wife, Sandra Onyenucheya Edoho

Sexy photo of Frank Edoho wife, Sandra Edoho

Frank Edoho celebrating their wedding anniversary shared cute picture of his beautiful wife, Sandra Edoho and wrote:

"I have always used my Wife's work as my subject for photography- Interior Design. But in this photograph, I decided to use another subject- HER. Happy Anniversary my love, my life, my Wonderful Wife."

Frank Edoho Second Marriage, Second New Wife: Frank Edoho got married for the second time to his second wife whose name is Sandra Onyenucheya on 1st December 2014 after his first marriage to Katherine Obiang crashed in 2011 over controversial reasons.

Frank Edoho's new wife (second wife) has two children for him - 2 boys and a stepdaughter which his wife, Sandra Onyenucheya had from a previous relationship.

6 Things To Know About Frank Edoho New Wife (Second Wife) Sandra Onyenucheya

Frank Edoho's wife, Sandra Onyenucheya was born on September 9, 1984.

She will turn 38 years old in September 2022.

She already had a baby girl, a daughter who is his stepdaughter before she got married to Frank Edoho.

Frank Edoho's wife, Sandra Onyenucheya Edoho has two tattoos on her arm and hand.

Sandra Onyenucheya, Frank Edoho's wife is very beautiful and lightskinned.

Frank Edoho's wife, Sandra Onyenucheya Edoho is an entrepreneur and CEO of vivabella_designs & @vivabellahome.
Pictures of Sandra Onyenucheya and Children

Photos of Sandra Edoho, Frank Edoho wife

Who Is Sandra Sandra Onyenucheya (Sandra Edoho)?
Biography, Wikipedia: Sandra Edoho nee Sandra Onyenucheya (born 9 September 1984) is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Creative Director at Vivabella Designs and Vivabellahome who is the wife of Frank Edoho of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire fame.

Sandra Edoho is a mother of 3 children and her husband is Frank Edoho.
Photos of Sandra Edoho aka Sandra Onyenucheya

Sandra Onyenucheya Edoho's @vivabellahome is a Collection of specially made Cushions for an Elevated Decor Aesthetic.
It’s also a hub for highly curated Unique Decor Objets. Their Online Home Boutique is continuously updated with Luxe decor Accents, Home Fragrance, and objets painstakingly selected for your styling pleasure.

Frank Edoho Children, Sons, Daughters: Frank Edoho has a total number of 5 Children. He has 3 kids from his ex wife, Katherine Obiang and 2 sons from his current second wife, Sandra Onyenucheya Edoho.
Pictures of Frank Edoho Children

On December 15, 2016 TV host and OAP, Frank Edoho and his wife, Sandra Edoho welcomed their second child, a baby boy in the U.S. They had their first child (another boy) in 2014. Frank is blessed with 3 children from his previous marriage to Katherine Obiang while Sandra has a child from a previous relationship.

Frank Edoho has 3 sons and two daughters.
His ex wife Katherine Obiang had 2 1 son and 2 daughters while his new wife has 2 sons for him.

Frank Edoho Child Support: Frank Edoho pays his ex wife, Katherine Obiang money - child support - for the upkeep of his 3 children from his first marriage.
Frank Edoho placed his 3 children in custody of his ex-wife with a monthly child allowance payment of N250,000 to his ex wife Katherine Obiang as at 2012. Frank Edoho may have increased the amount he pays as child support to his ex wife.

Frank Edoho Son: The name of Frank Edoho's first son is Jason Edoho aka Jayydoho.
Jason Edoho aka Jayydoho is the first child and son of Frank Edoho. He is a Nigerian born Artist. He is into music and currently lives abroad.
Pictures of Frank Edoho First Son Child, Jason Edoho aka Jayydoho

Stepchild, Stepdaughter: Frank Edoho has a Stepdaughter which his wife, Sandra Onyenucheya had from a previous relationship before they got married.
Photos of Frank Edoho Stepdaughter

Frank Edoho First Marriage, Ex Wife (First Wife) Katherine Obiang: Who is Frank Edoho's ex wife from his first marriage? The name of Frank Edoho ex wife is Katherine Obiang who is the mother of his 3 children.
Photo of Frank Edoho Ex Wife, Katherine Obiang
Picture of Frank Edoho Ex Wife and Their Son
Meet Frank Edoho Ex Wife and Children from his first marriage

Who is Frank Edoho's Ex Wife Katherine Obiang?
Frank Edoho's ex wife, Katherine Obiang is also a celebrity and a broadcaster.
Frank Edoho's ex first wife, Katherine Obiang is a Cameroonian-Nigerian actress, on-air personality and TV presenter who worked as a television presenter for Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on AM Express and also with Nigeria Info 99.3FM.

Frank Edoho and Katherine Obiang dated for four years and got married for 7 years with 3 kids before the marriage crashed.

Divorce: Frank Edoho And Katherine Obiang Marriage Crash, Separation & Divorce
Frank Edoho and Katherine Obiang were married with three children before they separated in 2011 and later got divorced.
While Frank Edoho has remarried, his ex wife, Katherine Obiang has not remarried.
In 2011, Frank Edoho had gone to court to file for a divorce, to end his marriage to Katherine Obiang who originally is from neighbouring Cameroon Republic.

Why Frank Edoho First Marriage With His Ex Wife Katherine Obiang Crashed & Ended: Why Did Frank Edoho's First Marriage Crash?
What Caused Frank Edoho's Divorce?

Frank Edoho's first marriage allegedly crashed over domestic violence. Frank Edoho's ex wife Katherine Obiang accused him of beating her.

Katherine Obiang Interview With Linda Ikeji In 2007 About How Frank Edoho Allegedly Battered Her

You courted each other for close to five years, did you notice any trace of swiftness to anger in him in those days?

Katherine "No. You could see snippets of temper then, but that's where it ends. Do you think if I had seen this I would have entered? He is a generous man but because he is generous does not mean he would beat everything he has given me?"

So, what actually caused this last beating?"

He said I wanted to run away with his kids. I told him I wanted to travel so that we could take a break a little. I told him I was traveling to Brazil because I didn't want him to trace my whereabouts until after one week. Perhaps he would have enough time to calm down. I was expecting him to sit me down and ask "Why Brazil?" instead he started shouting, saying I want to take his kids from him. He got violently physical, he took my box from me. I travelled without anything. He trailed me to the airport to beg me and I said "Don't come near me, you cannot be a mad man in the morning, and you are sane in the afternoon. He was coming close to me, I was moving back. He said why are you moving back? I said you are asking me? Do I know the next thing you would do here?" Then, I was bleeding, because he pushed me and I cut my leg somewhere. I was not supposed to travel with our son, because he was dragging him with me. I started crying, telling the cabin members not to leave me behind. So I was running and putting pressure on my leg and bleeding the more. When I came back, I told my younger brother "Please, the kind of beating they gave me before I travelled, I cannot take it two times. Help me to come and pack my belongings, just your presence alone, if you don't come with me, I'll take police to go and pack my things from the house because I need peace. For now, I cannot have it at home. When we reached home, my son said "Mummy, didnt daddy say you should not come back to the house?"

In the course of those beatings, have you ever retaliated physically?

"It's instinctive, I grew up with boys. Somehow I'll fight back or push, but you can't compare a woman's strenght to that of a man. The last beating was something else. I was busy dodging my eyes because Frank punched me as if he was fighting with his fellow man. For many days I couldn't make use of my left eye. I wore glasses throughout my stay in Cameroun. I kept crying and shouting "my mummy o". The headache? It was migrain times ten."

Frank also said he doesn't like you mingling with unmarried women, don't you think he has a point?"

"Like what? I only have two unmarried friends. One is my brother's fiancee, the other is Thelma, my colleague in NTA."

Whats the reason he gives for not wanting Thelma by your side?

"He says he doesn't like her aura, and I tell him I don't like your PA's aura too. I don't evidence against his PA, but there is something about him that is not just right. I am perceptive. There is something about that guy that is not quite right."

But the bible says women should submit to their husbands. If you do away with these single women, don't you think there will be peace in your home?

"I just told you that the last time he beat me was because we were supposed to meet somewhere at a particular time. I was delayed somehow, so when I got to a place, I didn't see him. He later called me and said "where are you" I said I was at home. He said, "Liar". I told him I went for salsa that I had gone home. He didn't believe me. Now, what has single girls got to do with that?. I don't involve my friends in anything about my home. I've left home, I paid for a place I wouldn't want disclosed. He sees the kids in their school."

What do you think would serve as a solution to all these?

"He's making a move for reconciliation (shows this reporter two different text messages from Frank) "I apologise for having slapped you, I really admit that what I did was beastly. But please come back, I've learnt my lesson". My sister, it's not coming back, it's how do we stop that?"

Why My Marriage With Frank Edoho Ended - Katherine Obiang 2013 Interview

What is usually the cause of the fight?

I think it’s impatience, anger and not knowing how to deal with issue in the now, so you react before you think. It goes like, ‘huh, how dare you say this to me…is that what you will say?’ I can’t remember any one in particular, it has been long now, I have moved on and it’s not a thing that can happen to me again but I always say no matter what, a man should not raise his hands on a woman. A woman should also not goad a man too much. It takes nothing from the man who walks away because once he hits a woman, he starts to think it is justifiable. Unfortunately, we are in a society where we have friends that will give you thumbs up for doing that. A man should be calmer and not react on the now.

Frank Edoho Speaks About His Ex Wife & First Marriage

Frank Edoho while speaking about his marriage crash, and separation from his ex wife, Katherine Obiang in 2011 on Twitter said:

"We’ve been separated for over a year now and I want to say Kathy is a great mum & a good person But it wasn’t working. Forget press stories. Hey ppl! just want u to know that I wld never do anything to hurt my family.

But sadly, I am separated from wife & it’s irreconcilable! When I talk about what really went down, jaws will drop and then u’ll learn that if u want to get hitched, make sure it’s your soul mate!pls! Hi Tweeps! Thanks for all your support.

There’s no reconciliation for me on this matter. No more ball-and chain 4 me.I’ve had it! I’M out!"

Frank Edoho Net Worth, Salary 2022, 2021 Forbes Dollars Naira
How much is Frank Edoho Net Worth?
Frank Edoho Net Worth is about $500,000 US Dollars in 2022.
Frank Edoho Net Worth in 2021 was about $400,000 US Dollars.

Frank Edoho Net Worth In Naira: is about ₦275,000,000.

Frank Edoho Salary, Earning, Pay: How much is Frank Edoho salary as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host? Frank Edoho was paid ₦1 million naira monthly, 12 million Yearly per annum as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host, making it a total of ₦156 million for the 13 years he hosted the show.

Frank Edoho New Salary: Frank Edoho will earn about ₦1.5 million monthly salary as host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2022.
Photo of Frank Edoho riding a bike

Frank Edoho House, Cars, Mansion Pictures

House and Cars: Frank Edoho has a house, a mansion in Lagos and drives nice cars.

Frank Edoho Dead Or Alive: Is Frank Edoho alive? Yes, Frank Edoho is alive and not dead.

Frank Edoho Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Frank Edoho can be contacted via his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Frank Edoho Instagram: Frank Edoho Instagram page Account Profile Handle is frankedoho.

Frank Edoho Savage Replies
: Frank Edoho is known to give Savage replies on Twitter where he is very active. He doesn't take nonsense from any social media user who wants to troll him online.

Frank Edoho Blasts A Female Troll Who Said He Is Not A Millionaire Despite Hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Media personality Frank Edoho sure knows how to be savage on Twitter.

The former ''Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'' host replied a Twitter user who tried to ridicule former Chelsea player Hazard by comparing his goals for current club Real Madrid to Messi's Golden boots awards.

Frank Edoho who is a die-hard Chelsea supporter and most likely a fan of Hazard, replied the user stating that french footballer Giroud has more ''World Cups than Messi''

A female Twitter user who deemed it fit to troll Frank Edoho replied his Tweet with ''The host Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but was never a millionaire'' and Edoho fired back at her with a savage comment. See below.

Between Frank Edoho And Twitter User Who Called Him A Wife Beater
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Host, Frank Edoho shut down a Twitter user who alleged he beat his ex-wife.It all started when Frank tweeted about being afraid for Floyd Mayweather because Conor Mcgregor's training is more intense .

The Twitter user then called him ''over sabi'' saying no one has access to any of the training camps.In response, Frank said there is a tv series based on their preparation and he guesses GoTV doesn''t have it .
See their heated exchange below

Frank Edoho Replies Apostle Suleman As He Trolls Chelsea Fans
Apostle Johnson Suleiman took to twitter to felicitate with Chelsea Fans last night but they took it so personal.

The man of God only greeted and Frank Edoho and several others went on rampage. Attack someone over ordinary greeting, I mean. Who does that? grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Oga, if we enter you and your club, Church members go start to talk say, touch not my anointed!

Frank Edoho Claps Back At A Follower Who Tweeted At Him And It's Brutal
A follower tried to be savage on Twitter by tweeting about Frank Edoho's exit from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. But Frank hit back at him with a savage tweet of his own.

Epic: Response Frank Edoho Gives Back To Rude Twitter Fan (photo)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire TV host, Frank Edoho, ‘jejely’ took to Twitter to air his on Manchester United star, Paul Scholes, being disrespected. His follower, @Stevolalaski, who wasn’t having any of that decided to go all in on him.

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