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Photos of Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee

History Of Ummi Zee Zee: Everything To Know About Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee Biography, Suicide Story, Husband, Timaya, Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) Marriage, Relationship, Net Worth

Who Is Ummi Ibrahim aka Ummi Zee Zee?

Ummi Zee Zee (born 15 February 1989) whose real full name is Ummi Ibrahim Baguddire is a Nigerian born Nollywood Hausa Kannywood actress, singer, model, politician, business woman.

About Ummi Zee Zee Ibrahim Career, Occupation, Life History & Story

Ummi Zee Zee Ibrahim used to be a popular Kannywood actress and had starred alongside star actors like Ali Nuhu, Ibrahim Maishinku, Sani Danja, Rukayya Dawayya all of whom are still active in the industry, except Ummi Zeezee.

Pictures of Ummi Ibrahim aka Ummi Zee Zee

In 2019, Ummi Zee Zee had planned to venture into music, releasing a single titled 'Janglover'.

Zeezee released a clip of the single on her Instagram page then.

The 17-second clip showed Zeezee displaying her numerous dance styles in different costumes.

Quiting Acting: Ummi Ibrahim last featured in a Kannywood film in 2006 when she stopped acting.

Anybody who knew Ummi Zeezee from the early days of her career up until late 2000, when she stopped and left the scene would realise that she was the toast of Kannywood. She was famous and very rich. Ummi Ibrahim had a fleet of luxury cars and led an enviable lifestyle before she stopped acting.

"As for acting, haba! Zee-Zee has crossed the bridge. How much are you going to pay me for a role?" Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee told Daily Nigerian on stopping acting.


Nickname: Zeezee (Zee Zee)

How Ummi Ibrahim Got Her Nickname, Zee Zee: Ummi Zeezee got the name 'Zee-Zee' after featuring in the movie titled ‘Jinsi’ which won her award. She got her nickname ‘Zee-Zee’ from the film because she was a character named: ‘Zee-Zee’

Real Name: Zeezee real name is Ummi Ibrahim

Photos of Ummi ZeeZee

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee from? Ummi Ibrahim aka Ummi Zee Zee hails from Borno State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Ummi Ibrahim aka Ummi Zee Zee is Shuwa/Kanuri by tribe.

Religion: Ummi Ibrahim Aka Ummi Zee Zee is a Muslim lady.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee was born on 15 February 1989, to a Fulani father and a Shuwa Arab mother both from Borno.

Age: How old is Ummi Ibrahim aka Ummi Zee Zee? Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee is currently 32 years old. Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee celebrated her 32nd birthday on 15th February 2021.

Henna Tattoo: Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee likes to wear henna tattoos.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee father Mr Ibrahim is late while her mother is still alive.

Parents: Picture of Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee parents

Childhood Throwback photo of Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee and her parents

Father's Death: Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee father died on 18th March 2017. Ummi Zeezee still misses her late father and often shares pictures of her late father to celebrate him on her Instagram page.

Photo of Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee late father

Picture of Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee and her father

Mother: Ummi Zeezee Ibrahim also likes to celebrate her mother on her Instagram page. 

Pictures of Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee mother

Ummi Zeezee wrote about her mum:

'Here are the things MY MOTHER taught me at duniya:

1. Mamana she taught me how to pray before I started Islamic school 

2. My mother taught me how to wash traditional clothes 

3. My mom taught me how to greet I will go outside 

4. My mother taught me respect next to me 

5. My man taught me knocking door if I'm not mine 

6. My mother teach me to call me an aunt name or anyone who respects me My uncle's name or 7. My man taught me to say sorry when I offended someone 

8. My mother taught me how to do bismillah while eating 

9. My mother told me to forgive while someone cheated me. 

10. My mom has taught me how to clean and use perfume since I was a girl because she is a kanuri! 

So I thank my mother for taking away my responsibility from you that God has preached for you. May Allah grant you paradise if you return to him and forgive you your sins and those you know and those you don't know and may he grant you all your good wishes and protect you from the evil of blood and nasi, amen oh Allah #HAPPY MOTHERS DAY QUEEN MAMA'

Wedding, Husband, Married: Is Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee married? Who is Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee Husband? Ummi Zeezee is not yet married. She is still single.

Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend: Who is Ummi Ibrahim boyfriend? Ummi Zee Zee had a boyfriend when she was in Kannywood before her controversial relationship with Timaya.

Children, Child: Does Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee have a child? Ummi Zee Zee doesn't have a child yet.

Ummi Zee Zee And Timaya Dating Relationship: Ummi Ibrahim ZeeZee and Timaya had a controversial relationship when she was in Lagos a couple of years ago.

Picture of Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee and Timaya her ex boyfriend

Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee started dating Timaya after a failed romance with a businessman known as Danchina.

Dating Timaya My Greatest Regret in Life – Ummi Zee-Zee - "Sometimes ago somebody was quoted as saying that I left Islam and converted to another religion because of my relationship with Timaya. I found it very difficult to believe. It was very much baseless and a mere allegation to tarnish my image. In fact in my entire life that is an incident I am finding it difficult to forget. I am a religious person. I love Islam and whenever I am free I read Hadith of the Holy Prophet a lot."

Ummi ZeeZee said in a 2018 Daily Nigerian Interview.

Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee And Babangida IBB Relationship, Engagement & Marriage Rumour: Hausa Actress Ummi Zeeze had in 2016 sparked a marriage rumor with ex-military head of state, General Ibrahim Babaginda.

The beautiful actress wrote on her social media page; "Ntng good cmes easily.alhamdulillahi it has cme to beginning.abt to get married Insha allah.happy happy.happy U my shonah.@mrs IBB"

Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee had referred to the former Nigerian president, Ibrahim Babangida as her fiancé.

Ummi ZeeZee and Babangida IBB dating & relationship rumour started as far back as 2013, following a post she made on Facebook about her impending marriage to the ex-military ruler.

Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee Celebrates Ibrahim Babangida's Birthday - Celebrating IBB's birthday in 2020, Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee wrote;

"Happiest birthday to the most cutest man I have ever known in the history of my life #IBB @79 🎂♥♥♥"

Net Worth: Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee Net Worth is about $400,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Ummi Ibrahim aka Ummi Zee Zee has houses, cars. 

Picture of Ummi Zee Zee car with Customized Number plate

"Wallahi, I am so rich that if somebody dashes me some millions I would not be as excited as one may think. I have enough money in the bank. Like you confirmed with my personal Assistant. I bought houses and cars for all my staff." Ummi Zeezee Ibrahim told Daily Nigerian in a 2018 Interview.

Suicide Story: Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee Suicidal Thoughts - Former Kannywood actress Ummi Ibrahim, better known as Ummi ZeeZee, had threatened to commit suicide in a bizarre Instagram post in March 2021.

In a message uploaded on her Instagram page, Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee wrote:

This days I live a MISERABLE life to the extend that I want to commit SUICIDE, but please non of any body should ask me why? All I need from you people is a PRAYER.”

The Borno indigene, Ummi Zee Zee had a few days earlier posted on Instagram that “If you can’t deal with life, life will deal with you.”

Duped: Why Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee Wanted To Commit Suicide: Ummi Ibrahim aka Ummi Zeezee told VOA Hausa that she was duped by a business colleague of the sum of 450 million naira.

A business colleagues defrauded me of 450 million naira. I paid him that amount as my own share of the deal. We intend to start lifting crude oil, but now he has run away. This was also part of what made me feel miserable.” Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee told VOA.

Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee And Zaharaddeen Sani Fight Over Atiku Money - Ummi ZeeZee and another Kannywood actor Zaharaddeen Sani fought dirty in 2019 over an alleged monetary gift by the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar.

She accused Zaharadden, Sani Danja, Fati Mohammed, Al’amin Buhari and Imranaa Mohammed of taking money for the industry from Atiku entourage and sharing it among themselves.

Zaharadden dismissed the allegation, saying ZeeZee was making noise because she no longer had an impact in Kannywood.

Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee A Michael Jackson Fan: Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee is a strong fan of late American pop star, Michael Jackson. Ummi ZeeZee always posts Michael Jackson's pictures on her Instagram page.

Instagram: Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee Instagram Page Name, Account ummizeezee . Ummi Zee Zee currently has 380k followers on her Instagram page as at the time of writing this article.

Facebook: Ummi Ibrahim Zee Zee is on Facebook .

Recent Images, Pics of Ummi ZeeZee

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