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Instagram Pictures: About Lydia Agahan Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Husband, Parents, Family, School, Height, Nationality, Siblings, Net Worth, House, Cars, Country, State Of Origin, Boyfriend, Rema, Lydia Agahan Instagram Name Handle, Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Photo of Lydia Agahan and Timini Egbuson her boyfriend

Wikipedia, Profile History: Who Is Lydia Agahan?
Lydia Agahan is a beautiful Nigerian born Model, Instagram Brand Influencer, video vixen, who has interest in politics and who describes herself as 'feminist podcaster youtuber' on Instagram.

Lydia Agahan is popular for dating Timini Egbuson, a Nollywood actor and brother of actress Dakore Egbuson Akande. In fact, Lydia Agahan came into the limelight because of her love relationship with Timini Egbuson.

Career, Occupation - Lydia Agahan is into modelling and brand promotion and Influencing.
Lydia Agahan promotes brand products on her Instagram page and gets paid for it.
Politics: Lydia Agahan original plan is to go into politics and become a politician. She reveals in her YouTube Interview that she plans to go into politics in about 6 years time from now.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Lydia Agahan is from which country? Is Lydia Agahan a Nigerian? Lydia Agahan is from Nigeria.
Ethnicity, Half Caste, Mixed Race? Is Lydia Agahan of mixed race?

Place Of Birth: Lydia Agahan was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pictures of Lydia Agahan

State Of Origin, Tribe, Home Town: What state is Lydia Agahan from? Lydia Agahan is from Lagos State, Nigeria. Lydia Agahan was born and raised in Lagos.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Lydia Agahan was born on 1 February, 2000.

Age: Lydia Agahan is 20 years old currently. 
Lydia Agahan age in 2021 will be 21 years old as at 1st February 2021.
Lydia Agahan will celebrate her 21st birthday in February 2021.

Lydia Agahan Real Age & Controversy: Lydia Agahan was involved in age controversy in 2020 when it was alleged that fine boy Nollywood actor, 33-year-old Timini Egbuson was dating a 19-year-old girl called Lydia Agahan. 

To address the age controversy and dating rumours, Timini Egbuson's stunning girlfriend, Lydia Agahan broke her silence saying she is in a relationship with the actor, disclosing her real age that she is 20 years and not 19.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Lydia Agahan family, parents and siblings live in Lagos Nigeria. 
Lydia Agahan keeps her father, mother, brothers and sisters away from her Instagram page.

Educational Background, School, University: Lydia Agahan attended primary and secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. 
University & Course Of Study: Lydia Agahan is currently a university student, studying International Law and Diplomacy.

Net Worth: Lydia Agahan net worth is estimated at #100,000 US Dollars.

Source Of Income, Salary: Lydia Agahan makes her money from modelling and promoting brand products as a brand Influencer and ambassador, from video vixen too.

House, Cars: Lydia Agahan lives in her family house in Lagos and rides her own nice car.

Lydia Agahan Body Measurements, Weight, Height, Size
Height: How tall is Lydia Agahan? Lydia Agahan is about 5'4″ tall (5 Feet 4 Inches)

Body Shape, Figure: Lydia Agahan described herself as 'Small waist and pretty face'.

Favourite Colour: Lydia Agahan Loves Pink, likes black.

Favourite Food: Lydia Agahan likes Italian, Nigerian food, amala.

Role Model: Lydia Agahan is inspired by celebrity, Rihanna.

Staying In Shape: How Lydia Agahan keeps fit and stays in shape is by taking a long walk, drinking a lot of water, stretching. Lydia Agahan said in an interview on her YouTube channel that she hardly exercises or goes to the gym to workout.

Fun: Lydia Agahan says she likes food and going out. Lydia Agahan is the outgoing type.

Management, Manager: Lydia Agahan is managed by Beth Model Management.

Tattoo: Lydia Agahan has Body tattoos.
Photo of Lydia Agahan tattoo

Hairstyle, Natural Hair: Lydia Agahan has naturally curly hair. She sometimes rock her natural hair in different stylish ways.
Lydia Agahan also likes to rock other kinds of hairstyles like wigs, braids, weavings, weavon.

No Makeup Photos: Lydia Agahan likes to wear makeup but here are some pictures of Lydia Agahan without makeup.

Makeup free pictures of Lydia Agahan.

Bikini Pictures: Lydia Agahan in bikini and Swimsuit photos

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Lydia Agahan married? Lydia Agahan is not yet married but was in a relationship with Timini Egbuson.

Engaged, Engagement, Fiancé: Is Lydia Agahan engaged? Lydia Agahan is not engaged to Timini Egbuson.

Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend: Who is Lydia Agahan dating, boyfriend? Lydia Agahan is dating Timini Egbuson, Nollywood handsome actor. 
Picture of Lydia Agahan and her boyfriend, Timini Egbuson
Photo of Lydia Agahan Boyfriend, Timini Egbuson

Lydia Agahan And Rema In 'Ginger Me' Video: Lydia Agahan was the beautiful girl, Rema featured in his "Ginger Me" video.
Is Rema Dating Lydia Agahan? Is Lydia Agahan Rema girlfriend? Is Rema Lydia Agahan boyfriend?
Pictures of Lydia Agahan And Rema

No, Lydia Agahan and Rema are not dating, Rema only featured Lydia Agahan in his  "Ginger Me" video as a vixen.

Lydia Agahan At Timini Egbuson's 33rd Birthday With Family - Lydia Agahan attended her boyfriend, Timini Egbuson's 33rd Birthday party in 2020 and met Timini Egbuson family, elder sister, Dakore Egbuson.
Photo of Lydia Agahan And Dakore Egbuson

Lydia Agahan And Timini Egbuson: Lydia Agahan and Timini Egbuson are in boyfriend and girlfriend dating Relationship and they were the talk of the Town in 2020.

Why Lydia Agahan And Timini Egbuson Relationship, Love Affair Dating Went Viral On Twitter

Here was why Timini Egbuson's relationship with Lydia Agahan, his undergraduate girlfriend became hot gist on Twitter in April 2020.

Some Twitter feminist had criticized actor Timini Egbuson, saying he is too old to be dating such a young girl, while some had supported him saying Lydia Agahan is not a minor and not too young to date Timini Egbuson.

Timini Egbuson became a topic of discussion over his relationship with 20-year-old undergraduate, Lydia Agahan.

Age Gap Difference Between Lydia Agahan & Timini Egbuson Her Boyfriend: The 13 year old huge gap between Lydia Agahan and Timini Egbuson, her boyfriend made their relationship trend on Twitter.

On a closer look, the unease and argument a lot of the debaters majored on wasn’t much of the legality of 33-year-old Timini’s relationship considering the age of the girl in question, but the 13-year age difference between the actor and his girlfriend, Lydia Agahan.

Timini Egbuson Cheats On Lydia Agahan His Girlfriend Lydia with multiple women - September 2020

Lydia Agahan And Toju Fight & Timini Egbuson Cheating Scandal

In September 2020, the Nigerian Twitter space trended with Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson’s cheating controversy after multiple women claim they have slept with the actor.

The drama began when Timini’s supposed 20-year-old girlfriend, Lydia Agahan, got into a fight with one Toju who revealed that she had slept with Timini Egbuson multiple times.

Toju’s revelation led to other women sharing their experiences of Timini’s escapades as well.

One Twitter user (@baddestchef) described Timini as “a man for the streets” in her response to Lydia:

“sis is so pressed, focus on your life and your upcoming fame, you wanna rack abi? @LydiaaGahan you don’t have shame and you are busy going around fighting for man that is for the streets, quick focus on yourself.”

@baddestchef’s response came after Toju (@Toritse__) tweeted that she has slept with Timini Egbuson more than two times.

She wrote to Lydia:

“You want to fight me? You really want that smoke? Yes i f**cked him not once and not twice you can ask him."

Another female user of the Twitter app claimed Timini once slept with her friend too.

Lydia Agahan And Timini Egbuson Breakup: Are Timini Egbuson and Lydia Agahan still dating? Timini seems to be Lydia Agahan ex boyfriend as they seem to have parted ways.
Timini Egbuson gave a hint at being single and haven broken up from Lydia Agahan in an interview with TribuneOnline:

Are you now in a relationship?

'I am single' Timini Egbuson told TribuneOnline in a December 2020 Interview.
Lydia Agahan Ex Boyfriend: Pictures of Lydia Agahan ex boyfriend, Timini Egbuson

Phone Number: Lydia Agahan contact is via her social media handles below:

Social Media Handles: Lydia Agahan Social Media Account Names & Handles 

Instagram: Lydia Agahan Instagram Page Name handle is lydiaaofficial lydiaaofficial 

Tiktok: Lydia Agahan it on Tiktok as lydiaaofc. Follow Lydia Agahan on tiktok lydiaaofc

YouTube Channel: Lydia Agahan is a Youtuber  and her YouTube account channel is called Lydiaa Official. Lydia Agahan is on YouTube as Lydiaa OfficialLydiaa Official

Interview: Lydia Agahan Interview Video On YouTube - Watch 

Twitter: Lydia Agahan

Facebook: Lydia Agahan

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