Temidayo Kafaru: Lascatter Biography Age, Wife Diana Faith Logico, Net Worth, Daughter, Rape, Housemaid, History Story (Photos)

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Who is Temidayo Lucky Kafaru?
Who is Lascatter?
Lascatter whose real name is Temidayo Lucky Kafaru is a Nigerian born popular nightlife king who is a top business broker with valuable experience in hospitality, sales and marketing.

Temidayo L. Kafaru is the Managing Director of Lascatter.

Temidayo Kafaru aka Lascatter is known for his magic wand in the night life circles. He is also gifted in human management relations and a creative personality.

Lascatter profile on Facebook describes himself as: "Innoventor, Creative Intelligencer, Result Oriented, Brand Expert, Wine & Spirit Enthusiast, Business Broker."


Nickname: Lascatter

Real Name: Lascatter real name is Temidayo Lucky Kafaru

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Temidayo L. Kafaru was born on 7 January.

Age: How old is Lascatter Temidayo Lucky Kafaru?

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Lascatter Temidayo Kafaru from?Temidayo L. Kafaru is partly from Delta State and Lagos State.

Contact, Phone Number: Lascatter Temidayo Lucky Kafaru Phone Number 0809 333 1654

Educational Background: Temidayo L. Kafaru studied Philosophy at the University of Lagos  (UNILAG).

Net Worth: Lascatter Temidayo L. Kafaru is a millionaire who makes money from his businesses but Lascatter Temidayo Lucky Kafaru  net Worth is unavailable.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Lascatter Temidayo Lucky Kafaru family, nothing much is known about his parents.

Girlfriend: Lascatter Temidayo Lucky Kafaru married his girlfriend in 2019.

Marriage, Wife: Lascatter Temidayo Kafaru is married to Diana Faith.

Child, Children, Daughter: Lascatter Temidayo Kafaru and Diana Faith are married and have a daughter..

Son: Temidayo L. Kafaru has a son, Ryne Oluwakorede Kafaru.

Lavish Wedding: Lascatter Temidayo L. Kafaru and wife, Diana Faith got married in  September 2019 and it was a society wedding and lavish ceremony.

Celebrities who attended Lascatter and Diana Faith wedding in Lagos include, Ubi Franklin, IK Ogbonna, Pretty Mike, Alexx Ekubo, Yomi Casual, Angela Okorie, Andre Zninni, Obi Cubanna, Dotun Rumors, Bite Billionaire, Charles K- Lounge, Chief Priest, Billy Mami, Mode, Winnor, Chika among others.

Separation, Divorce: Lascatter Temidayo L. Kafaru and his wife, Diana Faith Logico are currently estranged, separated and divorce may be on the pipeline.

Rape Scandal: Lascatter Temidayo L. Kafaru is currently involved in sex and rape scandal as his estranged wife, and Diana Faith accuses him.

Raped Maid & 5-Month-Old Daughter: Lascatter Temidayo L. Kafaru is accused of raping their housemaid and daughter. Faith alleged that her estranged husband, Lascatter Temidayo Lucky Kafaru raped her maid who is a minor and also molested his baby.

24-year-old Diana Faith called on the Lagos State Government, Inspector General of Police (IGP), and other relevant authorities to investigate her husband, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru, aka Lascatter, for allegedly sexually molesting their five-month-old baby, among other offences.

Meanwhile, Lascatter Temidayo L. Kafaru through his counsel, Ebinmi Beredugo, filed a fundamental rights suit dated July 3, 2020 before the Lagos High Court. With the suit, he wants the court to stop the police from arresting him.

Arrest, Jail Sentence: Temidayo L. Kafaru aka Lascatter is set to be arraigned in court and will be sentenced to years imprisonment if found guilty of rape and assault.

Edwina Logico: Temidayo Lucky Kafaru aka La Scatter Exposes Mother-In-Law, Edwina Logico And His Estranged Wife, Diana Faith Logico aka Ododo Yankee Dudu

Photo of Edwina Logico and Diana Faith Logico aka Ododo Yankee Dudu (picture of mother and daughter)

Messy Divorce : She’s a liar and a gold-digger — La Scatter responds to allegations By Ex wife Diana Faith Logico

Popular nightlife King, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru aka La Scatter, has revealed his estranged wife, Diana Faith Logico aka Ododo Yankee Dudu, isn’t a saint at all.

In a report by Michael Soyebo of Sahara Weekly, Temidayo reveals his estranged wife is allegedly a gold-digger, an escort and a violent woman who has assaulted him on several occasions . He went ahead to state that he was trapped into a forced marriage by his wife and his mother-in-law, Edwina Logico .

The report said that theduo met in March 2019, and four weeks later, Diana’s mother informed him that her daughter was pregnant. So in a bid to avoid shame despite warnings he received from people that she was an escort, he went ahead to marry her in a poised wedding ceremony in August, of which he still has debts uncleared as a result of the event .

It is also said that during their honeymoon in Ghana, Diana slapped her husband three times over a minor argument. Temidayo reveals that his mother-in-law is the mastermind behind Diana’s behavior to the extent that he was manipulated to sign an agreement with extremely ridiculous demands that he must fulfill to enable them live their affluent lifestyle .

Temidayo denied the allegations leveled against him saying it was a set-up by Diana and her mother. He said he had been beaten by thugs allegedly hired by Edwina and arrested by the police on different occasions.

However, he further revealed that he was deceived, thinking Diana and her mother were of Benin royalty. He noted that he has been ripped off everything he had by them . He reiterated that his estranged wife and mother-in-law were working tirelessly to bring him down.

Instagram: Temidayo L. Kafaru Lascatter Instagram Page Account Profile Handle

Height: How tall is Temidayo L. Kafaru aka Lascatter?

House, Cars: Temidayo L. Kafaru aka Lascatter is a lover of good cars.

About Temidayo L. Kafaru (Lascatter) Full Biography And Wikipedia 

Temidayo L. Kafaru (amb) hails from the beautiful land of Lagos State and partly from Delta State, Nigeria. He attained his primary and secondary education in Warri North local government, Delta State and later obtained a B.A. in Philosophy at the University of Lagos which till date remains one of the most renowned African institution.

Temidayo, is an imaginative selling administrator and an international events specialist with verified creative management ability in humanity and entertainment, capable to conceptualize and facilitate the smooth running of major national and international events, delivering results on time and to faultless standards. Temidayo is driven by aggressive approach, he is a confident, well-spoken negotiator and a solutions evolver.

Temidayo is a Major player in E&E Focus Limited, organizers and franchise owners of World Miss University in Nigeria (WMUN) and Mister and Miss Africa (MMA).

Temidayo, the youngest Nigeria to receive the Universal Peace Federation, Ambassador for Peace Award (UPF), one of the most respected universal award that has also been received by notable Nigerians alongside, Ambassador Olushola, Nigeria's former ambassador to Ethiopia, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, acting president of the Federal republic of Nigeria etc.

Temidayo credit in brief:

1. MD/CEO E & E Focus Ltd
2. President World Miss University, Nigeria (WMUN)
3. Project Consultant, Enugu State Tourism Board
 4. Project Consultant, Delta State Ministry of Tourism and Culture
5. Project Consultant, WMU Seri Lone, Ghana and South Africa
6. Project Developer, Africa Model Award and Africa Model Magazine
7. Project Director, Mister and Miss University, Nigeria
8. Project Coordinator, Miss Africa Queen Nigeria
9. Project Consultant, Miss Africa Queen International Ghana
12. Project Consultant, Miss Tertiary Ghana.

13. Project Director: Miss Nigeria Campus
14. Project Director: Nigeria Campus Global Peace Foundation
15. Project Consultant, Miss Tampico, Abuja.
16. Project Director Mister & Miss Africa (MMA)
17. Project Director: Focus White Carnival
18. Project Director, Made In Nigeria Product Trade Fair, Enugu
19. Consultant, Whitewaters Limited
20. Consultant, Whole Nine Yard Media
21. Consultant, Tino-Links Productions and Modeling, Enugu
22. UPF Ambassador for Peace
23. Consultant I love Africa Foundation (ILF)
24. Chief Consultant -KTL Consults
25. Consultant on Events in Africa - RNP
26. Consultant on Events NTA 2 Channel 5
27. Consultant on Event, Nike Lake Resort

28. Relationship & Sales Manager, Planet One Hospitality

29. Group General Manager, MOM Hotel Consults

30. General Mananger Rumors Ikeja

31. General Mananger Rumors Festac

32. Chief Operating Officer Rumors- VI

Temidayo professional experience and command convey the expertise and understanding that makes him uniquely suited as event and entertainment consultant.

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