Meet Amara Maduka, 20 Hot Instagram Pictures: 10 Facts About Bio, Nollywood Actress Profile

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Amara Maduka Instagram Photos, Facebook: 10 Things About Amara Maduka Bio, Wiki, Profile You Probably Didn't Know, IG Pics

Who is Amara Maduka?
Amara Maduka is a plus-sized Nigerian born Nollywood actress, writer and producer.

Entrepreneur: Amara Maduka is the CEO of Mara Best Furniture

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How Old is Amara Maduka? Amara Maduka was born on 22 September.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Amara Maduka from? Amara Maduka hails from Agulu in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Amara Maduka is from a family of 5, including her parents. She is the first daughter and second child. Amara Maduka's father died in 2002 but her mother is still alive.

Childhood, Educational Background: Amara Maduka was born in Aba. She had her primary school in Aba, then went to Port Harcourt for her secondary and tertiary education.

Deal With Sunny Bunnies: Amara Maduka recently sealed an international deal with Sunny Bunnies to become their BBW Model in Africa.

Height, Body Size: Amara Maduka is big sized and a promoter of plus sized body positivity.

Nickname: Amara Maduka is also known as Maras Sauce.

Movies: Ordinary Couple, Maduka Daughters, Village Flavour, Okirika, The Israelite, Good Marriage, and Three Bad Girls among others.

Dating, Boyfriend, Husband: Is Amara Maduka married? Amara Maduka is not yet married and doesn't flaunt any boyfriend on her Instagram page. She is dating herself.
"I am currently self-dating. I take myself out, buy stuff for myself, spoil myself..." She told The Sun.
Amara Maduka said no family pressure to get married. That she comes from a very loving family.

Ideal Man For Marriage: Amara Maduka told The Sun:
"I’m attracted to a person’s mind and rarely the body. If he’s got a good heart, and a sound mind, that’s it for me. Physical appearances don’t really count.

It doesn’t mean I’d marry a monster or a dwarf, though. But his pocket counts. I can’t help the world if I’m helpless. If you know what I mean, I need a rich man." She told The Sun.

Social Media Accounts:
Instagram: Amara Maduka Instagram Page Account Profile Handle maras_sauce 
Facebook: Amara Maduka Verified Facebook Page Amara Maduka

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