Monalisa Stephen 12 Sexiest Instagram Photos: 17 Facts About Nollywood Actress, Plus-Sized Instagram Model You Don't Know
Monalisa Stephen Instagram Model: 17 Things About Monalisa Stephen Bio You Didn't Know

Who Is Monalisa Stephen?

1 Monalisa Stephen is a fat Instagram model, Nollywood actress, fashion designer, video vixen and social media influencer

2 Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Monalisa Stephen was born in March 13, 1992.

3 State Of Origin: Monalisa Stephen is from Abia State but was raised in Lagos. Though she was in Abuja for a while, but spent most of her early years in Lagos.

4 Childhood: She grew up among boys and was a bit of a tomboy in her early childhood. Monalisa Stephen wasn’t really a talkative child growing up because of her size. It made her not to have a lot of female friends because they made fun of her so she spent most of her time in the house reading.

5 Education: Monalisa Stephen studied Business Administration at the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti where she obtained Higher National Diploma

6 Plus-Sized Modelling:  Monalisa Stephen told her mother that she would drink poison as a result of being mocked in school because of her size. She was able to overcome body shaming. She is now proud to be a plus-sized model. Monalisa Stephen started modelling at the age of 19 years. People pay her to promote their brands.

7 Tattoo And Mother's Reaction: Monalisa Stephen's mother was against her exposing her body. Sh cried when Monalisa Stephen got her first tattoo, saying that she had disgraced her.

8 Nollywood, Acting: Monalisa Stephen doesn't see herself as a full-time actress because she just does some skits for fun. However, she loves to act. 

9 Video Vixen: Monalisa Stephen has been a video vixen for a lot of musicians.

10 Challenges: One of the challenges Monalisa Stephen faces is her age mates calling her ‘madam’ or ‘ma’ because of her big body size 

11 Plastic surgery: Monalisa Stephen considered going for plastic surgery to reduce her tummy because she has a big stomach but she couldn't do plastic surgery because it may have an after-effect on her.  She told The PUNCH

15 Virginity & Premarital sex: Monalisa Stephen loves sex. She told PUNCH "I am not a virgin. I am a Christian and it is against the Bible to have premarital sex but I can’t do anything about that. I love sex and consider it a beautiful thing.

13 Men, Boyfriend: Monalisa Stephen likes tall, dark men, and if he is chubby, that’s a plus for her.  She likes older and responsible men who love and respect women.

14 Parents, Mother, Father, Orphan: Monalisa Stephen is an orphan. Her father died when she was 1 year old and her mother died few years ago.
Monalisa Stephen mother

15 Monalisa Stephen participated in Big Broda Lagos 2018 created by Broda Shaggi

16 Sex Toy: Monalisa Stephen uses sex toys. “For all I know, I’m not single. I’m married, married to myself. Yes, I’m married to myself and I use sex toys to satisfy myself. I won’t lie.

However, sometimes I have feelings for the touch of a real man, I am not a sex addict after all. And well, yes, I still prefer a real man to a toy”. She said.

17 Marriage, Husband, Children: Monalisa Stephen is not married and doesn't want to get married or have kids: “I took that decision when I was only 15 and still a virgin. I decided within myself not to marry or have my own kids. My womb is very okay and I am very fertile! I don’t even care what some haters are saying but I am not craving for marriage. However, if I meet someone who can understand me and is willing to accomplish my vision with me then, fine, I might consider.

“For now, I don’t have to marry a man to be with a man. Most people think it is abnormal not to have your own flesh and blood and they think I took this decision because of my past relationships and heartbreaks but it is far from that.

“I love children a lot. When I was a teenager, I volunteered at care homes because I didn’t have money to give them and till today, I still do that. And it is not like I am trying to blow my own trumpet or anything of such. The truth is that I just love caring for children and I know how it feels not to have parents. I lost my dad when I was a year- old and my mum some few years ago and it is still affecting me.

“So, my decision not to have my own kids is due to my experience and the fact that there are millions of kids out there who deserve to be in a good family, who need to experience genuine family love and care. And I will not hesitate to give that chance to two kids by helping them educationally, mentally and spiritually by grace of God. And don’t even talk about the reaction of my relatives, their feelings won’t have any impact on my decision. Did they take care of me? I am an orphan who hustles for herself so my decision stands.” She told The Sun.

Monalisa Stephen instagram page account Profile handle monalisa.stephen 

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