Chidera Eggerue 10 Hot Instagram Photos: 12 Facts About 'The Slumflower' - Net Worth, Books, Husband, Marriage, Parents

Chidera Eggerue: 12 Things About The Slumflower You Probably Didn't Know About Her Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Real Age, Books, Biography, Bikini Pictures, Instagram Account Handle

Who Is Chidera Eggerue 'The Slumflower'?

Chidera Eggerue aka The Slumflower is a British Nigerian writer and fashion blogger who is best known for the online campaign #SaggyBoobsMatter and her book, "What a Time to Be Alone"

Date Of Birth, Age, Birthday: How old Is Chidera Eggerue 'The Slumflower'?

Chidera Eggerue 'The Slumflower' was born on 17 December 1994. Chidera Eggerue 'The Slumflower' is currently 25 years.
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Early Life
Chidera Eggerue was raised in Southeast London in Peckham, a neighborhood that is mostly British Nigerian.

Education: Chidera Eggerue attended Goose Green Primary School. She then moved on to Kingsdale Foundation School for her secondary education. She attended college to study fashion design but was unable to finish her degree due to depression.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Chidera Eggerue's family is Igbo from South East, Nigeria.

Nationality: Chidera Eggerue is British Nigerian

#SaggyBoobsMatter: Chidera Eggerue is popular for Saggy Bo..obs Matter. In 2017, Chidera Eggerue started #SaggyBoobsMatter, a hashtag that gained prominence on Twitter and Instagram, to challenge the convention that women with large breasts must wear a bra if their breasts sag. As a teenager she felt insecure because her bre...asts did not look like a model on the packaging of her first bra. She later decided to embrace her shape and posted a picture wearing a dress without a bra in September 2017, using the hashtag.

Blog - The Slumflower: Chidera Eggerue then started a blog called The Slumflower to highlight fashion that is not covered within the mainstream. The name refers to the concept of a rose growing from concrete, and comes from the short film created by creative duo Street Etiquette. The blog feature modern street style fashions that are affordable. She also writes on topics like friendship, dating, racism, and sexism.

#BringBackTheBush Campaign: In January 2020 Chidera Eggerue presented a Channel 4 documentary Bring Back the Bush Bring Back the Bush: Where Did All Our Pubic Hair Go?’, examining why women shave their pubic hair.

Author, Writer, Books: Chidera Eggerue is the Author of WHAT A TIME TO BE ALONE (2018) and HOW TO GET OVER A BOY (2020)

Net Worth: Chidera Eggerue earns much in pounds and dollars as an author and blogger.

Boyfriend, Husband, Marriage: Is Chidera Eggerue Married?
Chidera Eggerue The Slumflower is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or relationship on her Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page.

Chidera Eggerue Instagram Account Profile Page Handle theslumflower
Chidera Eggerue
Author of WHAT A TIME TO BE ALONE (2018) and HOW TO GET OVER A BOY (2020)
Represented by @divingbellgroup

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