Jane Obi 12 Sexiest Instagram Photos, Boobs: 10 Facts About Nollywood Actress, Instagram Profile
Meet Jane Obi, On Instagram: 10 Facts About Nollywood Actress, Jane Obi And Her Instagram Pictures, Videos, Handle, Account Meetjaneobi

Jane Obi is a beautiful Nollywood actress, Nigerian model and entrepreneur who is fast rising in the Nigerian movie industry.

1 Jane Obi is a Nollywood fast rising actress and a Nigerian model

2 Jane Obi is from Uga in Anambra State

3 Jane Obi was born in Enugu on February 26

4 Jane Obi is a law undergraduate

5 Jane Obi's parents were average. Her father is late but her mother a teacher and disciplinarian is much alive

6 Jane Obi mother insisted she must do her wedding, get married and go to her husband's house as a virgin. Her mum disciplined her as a teenager because she went out with a guy

7 Jane Obi runs a wine distribution company in the South East and is working on building her own movie production outfit. According to her, “To survive in Nigeria you definitely need a side hustle."

8 Her beauty secret is “Drink a lot of water then stay clean and fresh.”

9 Jane Obi lied to get her first Nollywood movie role

"One day, after attending an audition, I got a call from the late Ifeanyi Udokwu to come to the museum in Enugu for a movie directed by Tchidi Chikere. I got there to see actors were being cast. I was quite scared and I stayed far away. But he called me out and asked if I had featured in a movie before. I said ‘yes’, mentioning movie that never existed because I was scared he might ask me to go home because I felt he was looking for established actors and not wannabes like me. Luckily, he bought that and gave me a role in the movie. It was entitled ‘The Unforkables’. I acted alongside Nkem Owoh and Nuella Njubigbo among others. I delivered well and he gave me another role in ‘Bachelors Heart’ where I acted alongside Kenneth Okonkwo. Since then, I have never looked back."

10 Jane Obi does not flaunt her relationship status, boyfriend or fiancé on Instagram or Twitter like she flaunts her boobs/cleavage. She keep that aspect of her life private.

11 Jane Obi's family, especially mother, never supported her going into acting. It was a no-no for her mum. She thought actors were promiscuous. Even, one of her relations told her that such career was ‘not our thing’. But she never gave up. "Now, I can see and feel the joy on my mum’s face whenever she is watching my movie or whenever someone tells her that her daughter is doing real good in movies."

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