10 Facts About Jaye Love To Know: 20 Sexy Instagram Photos Of Model Jayelove9 On Instagram

10 Facts About Jaye Love You Probably Don't Know + 20 Hottest Pictures On Instagram

1 Jaye Love is a massively curvy US-based Ghanaian Instagram model who is known for her huge backside

2 Jaye Love is also a club host, actress and a DJ in the United States

3 Jaye Love was born on July 4. Her birthday celebration on Instagram was with hot photos

4 Jayelove is also a Nurse Practitioner

5 Jayelove9 is also a Social Worker

6 Jaye Love is highly educated as she bagged her 4th degree in 2018.

7 Jaye Love claims her backside is all natural endowment

8 Jaye Love was exposed by Nollywood and Ghanaian - Gambian actress, Princess Shingle who shared Jaye Love's throwback pictures before her alleged plastic surgery

9 Jaye Love Instagram account handle is jayelove9

10 Jaye used to flaunt her boyfriend on Instagram

11 Jaye Love father is dead. She lost her father in December 2019.

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Jaye Love Throwback Photo Before And After Surgery

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