Video: Sugar Cane Seller Wanks On The Road, Nigerians React

Reactions as Nigerian man captures the moment a sugarcane seller was wanking in broad daylight.

The man parked his truck and sugar cane one side and started mastur.bating in public in broad daylight even as people and vehicles were passing.

This has led to divided reactions. While some are worried about the health implications, that the man will still use the same hand to cut sell the sugar cane, others are criticising the person that did the video. They are of the opinions that his privacy was invaded, but others disagreed and claim that the man 'raped' public decency by masturbating on the road.

While Emi ni Polaris @Iamhunter3 was against the person that filmed the guy:

"Nobody seem to be concerned about the person that left everything he was doing and was recording someone that was pleasing his se... xual desires"

Others fired back as they feel that for masturbating in public, it's now their business:

Laura @simplydenims said
"In a public place!? Now it’s our business"

Bryan @Smug_AF
"I was literally about to say this
It is now of public interest."

Meanwhile, some are worried about the hygiene and health effect of his actions. A Nigerian lady has sworn never to buy sugar cane again.

Ufuoma, Bellerin Stan Forever @Oluwabukunmi__:  "And he'll sell sugar cane with this same hand, most likely unwashed. That's it! I'm never buying sugar cane again"

Oke Shams @Mrshamxy: "Imagine o, and he will still use that hand to sell sugar cane for you, and you too will be chewing it, as if your life depended on it, SMH."


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