Video: Lady Punches Man Repeatedly, He Hits Her Back

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Some say "never hit a woman, no matter what."

What happens when a lady hits a man first?

A viral video of a lady hitting a man multiple times and the man retaliating by hitting her back has sparked outrage and divided reactions on social media.

They all were in a crowded place, while the lady was with her friends, the man was with her girlfriend.

All of a sudden, the lady turned back (may be she felt the guy touched her inappropriately in the crowd) and started punching the man repeatedly, people tried to stop her but she was persistent.

The man having recovered from the shock, hit her back twice by punching her.

This has sparked diverse views. While some blamed the guy for retaliating with firce blows, they said, no matter what, he shouldn't have hit the lady back despite the provocation, others hailed the man for retaliating and punching her back. They argued that the lady messed up by beating the man and thinking he would keep quiet.

What do you think of this situation?

Watch the video


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