Video: Zodwa Wabantu Twerks At A Filling Station With Her Friend

South African Pantless Dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, Parked Her Car At A Filling Station, Twerks With Friends, Petrol Attendants Lose Concentrations.

Anything that happens in South Africa, they blame Nigerians. Why?

This time, a South African, reacting to a video of their popular pantless dancer twerking publicly at a filling station, blamed Nigerians.

'Truth Teller 3' reacting to the video said:

"Black women don't respect their bodies but they expect men to respect them, that's why Nigerian come here and prostitute them."

Another South African, John serebe reacted and said:

"Why don't we blem every thing on the Nigeria's and we get over it."

Micca Maraka:

"She should do that at clubs etc. Not publicly abuse men like that."

Watch the video after the cut

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