Video: Oge Iloh "Cheat On Me And I Would Do This To You"

Nigerian Instagram Slayer, Oge Iloh aka Sexy Oge has vowed to cut of the joystick of any man that will break her heart by cheating on her.

She made the threat because her friend was crying beside her after her friend's boyfriend cheated on her. She was crying while the boyfriend of her friend was busy having fun with another dirk girl.

This got 'Sexy Oge' mad and she threatened any boyfriend that Dares cheat on her.

"I don’t know why men cheat, my friend is here crying her eyes out, and the stupid guy is somewhere out there enjoying himself. See if I were the one, do you know what I would have done? I'm going to slice his dick, the way we slice onions, eat it, then use a chilled bottle of Pepsi and wash it down..... "

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