Huge Cucumber Removed From Lady's Body By Doctors
A video showing the moment Doctors removed a huge cucumber from a lady's tummy has got people amazed and talking.

Many Nigerians have reacted to the video. Many are wondering how such huge cucumber was able to enter inside the person's body.

But many Nigerians are already assuming how it got in there. From the reactions as seen in the screenshots below, you can deduce what they think.

Meanwhile, an Online Medical Doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo after seeing the video, attempted a possible explanation to this.

Read his explanation

"Medically there are ONLY 4 ways that cucumber could have reached that place.

Through the mouth.
Through the anus.
Through the vagina- if it’s a woman.
Or IF someone cut up the person to put that cucumber there.

Should I shock you?
The first three options are all WRONG.

I would explain.

NO bleeding at all.
NO damage to the intestines at all.
NO indications of any damage to the womb or vagina (if this person was a woman) or any organs.
The cucumber remained intact.

The removal of the cucumber was flawless- looked carefully planted in the tummy.

So let’s look at the 3 easy explanations- and see wether it’s medically possible.

1. IF you swallow a cucumber, it would be extremely difficult for it to go through your throat, your stomach & intestines and remain intact.

Look at this image and see yourself it’s not possible.

2. IF you pushed up the cucumber through your anus- again it is virtually impossible for a cucumber to be passed through your anus and reach your intestines intact without serious injuries to your internal organs.

Look at this image attached and see that this is also impossible.
3. What if it was passed through the vagina? This is actually the easiest to debunk.

The vagina is connected to womb- not intestines. It is almost impossible to think a cucumber will be pushed inside the vagina then the cervix, burst through the womb and then land in the tummy.

My final position is that looking at the video,

1. It’s difficult to know if it’s a man or woman. We are just assuming it’s a woman.

2. I think that patient is a drug mule who had his/her tummy cut open and a drug-filled cucumber carefully placed in to avoid any organ injuries.

I know it’s tempting to assume that’s a woman who pushed a cucumber into her tummy through her vagina.

But that makes no medical sense.
The farthest a cucumber can go is the womb. Not the intestines.

This is NOT what happened in this video. In my view, Something else happened.

That cucumber was carefully placed in that tummy (most likely by a surgeon) in a way that avoids any serious organ injuries. That explains why the doctors can easily pull it out effortlessly.

My theory is that this person is being used to transport drugs or something worse."

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