Twitter Slay Queen 'Jesusbaby' Who Has A Boyfriend, Exposed After She Slept With A Twitter Slay King 3 Times Who Dumped Her After! (Photos)

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Jesusbaby @omohtee21, The CEO Of Toj_fabrics Exposed After Sleeping With Twitter Slay King!!! 

A Twitter user, @Shigo_Peru has exposed a female Twitter user who slept with another Twitter user. She has a boyfriend yet slept with the Twitter user without knowing the guy has a girlfriend and was only seeing her as a side chick.

Read @Shigo_Peru  story:

"You met a Nigga on Twitter
You like the nigga
You gave him your number ,He called& you guys Hooked up at his house, just like the way you post different pictures with cars at different locations. But I thought you're only a fabrics seller and not a retailer yet but. 


"He finally slept with you
Then gave you Just Transport Fare
You've fallen for him cos he's a fresh guy with lots of Likes on his pictures but you care so much about how he spend he's 

Monthly salary on you. 
In fact he's Twitter famous." 

"She visited him like 3 times in which he also slept with you completely three times..You have a boyfriend but yet you're cheating on him Cos you think the fresh guy really loves you with his sugar coated lips." 

"Even when she collected money for uber but ended up with danfo 
You can spot the differences between iPhone and infinix camera but big thanks to the nigga tha snapped this thou" 

"After Some weeks Or Probably Months You Later Found Out He Has A Girlfriend.

Now It Damn On You that You've Been Used& Dumped..
No way again..You Try to Contact Him ,He stops picking your calls& you're so bittered that you end up blocking him." 

"Now You're heart broken..
Babe you cheated on Someone Remember?
Now you'll say all nigga's are the same,Nah All nigga's ain't the same
Few are players ,while many can sacrifice Everything they have for you
Stick To one nigga, twitter likes ain't nothing.."

" Love your man &you'll get it back in return..
I wish this thread can be Retweet as many times as possible till you get the point. 
Girls are easily Enticed by Money& Looks ,so many of them end up losing their lives to Ritualist cos of
MONEY &Material things like wig of 52k.

just to be label as a premium babe for the man you choose to marry. 
Try To Be The Reason He Smiles ..
All Am Saying In essence is "Love Your Man" ,No Matter

How Ugly Or Broke He Is "Remember He asked You Out and You Accepted right?
So Why Dump Him now?

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