Dolapo Olaniyan: 'How I Was Raped By My Mother's Boyfriend At Age 13 And Neighbour At Age 5'

Dolapo Olaniyan, Nigerian lady recalls her horrible rape experience at the age of 13. She told Lolo Cynthia CY how she was raped by her neighbor at the age of 5 and mother's boyfriend at age of 13!

This is really pathetic.

Dolapo Olaniyan who appeared on Lolo Cynthia CY show recounts:
"I was raped by my mother's boyfriend at age 13. It got to a point that I had to allow him to continue raping me just so I can protect my younger sister; I noticed the way he looked at her..."

Dolapo Olaniyan, the lady said: 'It took me years to talk openly about it.' 

Lolo Cynthia sharing the video on Instagram wrote:

" I sit with @dolapo_olaniyan ws she recounts the details of her sexual abuse and how she has been able to get back her life after numerous traumatic experiences. Starting at age 5 Dolapo was raped by a neighbor whilst living with her grandmother and at age 13 for over a year by her mother’s boyfriend."

Watch the video as she recounts the horrible experience...

Dolapo Olaniyan is a Public health and gender development advocate and a
Member of British Council Future Leaders Connect.
UNFPA SDG Youth champion.

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