Oge Iloh: Slay Mama Blasted For Deleting Her Braless Valentine Instagram Post

On the eve of Valentine, a Nigerian lady, Oge Iloh shared this braless video asking for a man to be her Val, she said the contract ends after Val day. She captioned the video "Valentine's partner wanted"

She also shared this other braless video where she spoke as the "President of Girlfriends Association of Nigeria".

Oge Iloh advised ladies to hold unto their me, to be wary of boyfriends who use silly excuses to run, only to come back after Valentine's day.

The braless videos went viral. A man even proposed marriage to the lady online after watching her braless videos.

But she got lots of negative reactions over the braless videos. The negative reactions made her delete the videos from her Instagram page, not before thefamousnaija got hold of them.

She also went offline. Now that she is back, she has been facing lots of questions as to why she deleted the videos.

Instagram user, mosheal1017, asked:

"@oge_iloh why did you delete your braless post are you ashamed of them or wat exactly?" 

Watch the controversial videos that got Nigerians talking.....

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