Oge Iloh: Braless Nigerian Lady Recruiting Man As Valentine's Day Partner. Guys Are You Interested?

A Nigerian lady Oge Iloh of Oge Collections who deals on bags and is based in Owerri, Imo State is in need of a man to be her Val.

Oge_iloh wants the services of a man only on val's day. The job ends that day.

The braless lady shared a video and advertised Valentine's day job for jobless guys.

She captioned the video:
"Val partner wanted"

She went ahead to say:

"Everyone is complaining that there is no job in Nigeria, well I have one job space for someone. We all know that we have few days to Val day and I don't have a partner.

" Yes it sounds so crazy but that's the truth. So if you are out there and you are interested to be my Val partner just for that day, February 14th.... Please apply, at least let me feel like others...  At least let me have fun like other people."

" If you know that you are interested ....... "

Watch the advert video....

What do you think about this kind of daring Val advertisement? 


Unknown said…
Yes am interested how much are u paying me for there service i render to u
Unknown said…
Give me a call then 08168463816
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