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Nigerian Lady Blasted For Promoting Her Song In Bra And Panties

Cherry Entafield Cherry Ozoalor Bio, Wiki, Age Birthday,

Real Name: Cherry Ozoalor
Musical Artiste: Cherry Entafield
Africa's best female dancing rapper
Good girl and a real bad chick
Dance Brezking

Who is Cherry Entafield? Cherry Entafield is a Nigerian rapper, Doctor, dentist 

A beautiful Nigerian rapper has come under severe criticisms for singing and promoting her new song 'Main Chick' wearing just pant and bra in the kitchen.

Actor and dancer, Cherry Ozoalor, popularly called Cherry Entafield, has been a victim of public backlash because of her style of dance. In an interview with Punch Saturday Beats, she opened up on the major reason why she decided to start dancing with her underwear. According to the dentist, she had tried to draw attention to her talents but all her efforts failed until she started dancing in her underwear.

“I am made of steel, I believe in my art and what I have to offer to the world. This is the means I have to express myself. I receive a lot of backlash all the time; I understand that some people don’t understand but it doesn’t bother me.

“My selling point is my bust; I’ve tried other ‘selling points’ but they did not work. I tried to be funny at some point, but I only got a few number of views. I tried poetry for over a year and still had few followers. Now, when I post some of my old poems, people are always amazed at them. When I was posting them back then, nobody gave a damn about them. My poetry and raps are gaining more traction.

“I thought deeply about how to engage my audience and I thought to myself that people who shake their bum (twerk) get a lot of views and that was why I decided to use my boobs to dance and I called it ‘bresking’. The first video I uploaded went viral and that was how I gained a lot of audience and they started noticing my poetry. I realised it worked. I didn’t do it against my will; I just discovered what works for me. This is me, and I am okay.

“I have always been creative. As a secondary student, I was the leader of a dance group. I used to compose poems just like my father. I have an alter ego, I am shy in reality but when I am in front of the camera, my other personality performs. I am doing entertainment for now but I won’t throw away my knowledge of dentistry. My siblings are aware of what I do and they know it is a form of publicity for my art. They understand me,” she told Saturday Beats.

When asked if she would be able to have a healthy romantic relationship with her lifestyle, she noted that she always knew where to draw the line.

“People who eventually get close to me understand me at a glance after I have a conversation with them in real life. When it gets to a point where I have to start explaining my lifestyle, I probably would not. I usually don’t explain to them because I don’t want to bother anyone with my lifestyle, I just let them go when I notice they can’t withstand me.

“I have been in a serious relationship before and he was very supportive; he even used to criticise my videos constructively. I get funny requests from my fans daily. People have tried to discourage my parents from allowing me become an entertainer but there is a trend of entertainment in my family; my grand mum was a public dancer, four of my cousins are rappers and my father is a poet. They have seen a couple of my videos but they understand.

“If a man comes to me today and tells me to stop what I do, I’d ask him if he wants to marry me or an idea of me. Creativity is dynamic; if I discover something more interesting tomorrow, I would do it. It is all about creativity,” she told Punch.

Many wondered why a young lady like her would do such. Some called her names for that while others hailed her for her boldness and sexy display.

Some claimed they are listening to the song because of the way she was shaking her boobs.

Of course she called the dance 'brezking'

Watch the videos and see reactions after the cut....


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